How Hillary Clinton Could Change Women's Lives During Her Presidency

by Brittany Bowen
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In light of Super Tuesday's results, Hillary Clinton has positioned herself as the likely nominee for the Democratic Party come November. With a significant lead in delegates over Senator Sanders, Hillary won big on Tuesday. She has effectively set the stage for the nation to have its first female president.

That lead is a huge accomplishment in and of itself for the equality movement in America. Throughout history, no woman has ever been elected as a major party's nominee for president, and only two women have been nominated to run for VP. With several firsts for women already under her belt, along with her huge Super Tuesday win, Hillary's position as the clear frontrunner is a perfect salute to Women's History Month.

Under Hillary's leadership, women would see a future of hope, strength and progress for gender equality. A Clinton presidency would be a win for women everywhere.

Regardless of her policy positions, a female president would have serious implications on the lives of American women. Let's be clear: This isn't to say we should elect Hillary simply because she's a woman. That's inherently anti-feminist.

But rather, a Clinton presidency simply means something for women that a Sanders presidency couldn't. Here are the things a Hillary Clinton presidency would mean for the lives of women:

1. A Clear Message That Sexism Doesn't Have To Hold Women Back

We've all heard the sexist media coverage of Hillary Clinton and the discriminatory comments from other candidates. From jabs at Hillary about her marriage (as if any of us know anything about her marriage) to incessant commentary about her hair and her pantsuits, this just isn't the same kind of coverage afforded to every other candidate.

It's a different ball game, and it's different because she's a woman. If she becomes the party's nominee (and later, the first female president of the United States), women will have reason to believe sexism doesn't have to stop them. Sexism is just an obstacle.

2. Evidence That Diversity In Leadership Matters

If the American people elect a woman to lead the free world, it will be a sign that we understand the necessity of diversity in decision-making. We will be acknowledging that we're selling ourselves short by limiting the presidency to a male's perspective.

Women govern differently. We have different values, different skill sets and different life experiences. Hillary Clinton has the potential to bring these differences to the table and shed light on women's issues in a way a man never could.

She will focus on family issues, reproductive rights, the gender pay gap and women's empowerment because she truly understands the importance of women's issues. She knows the struggles women face, and she's better equipped to deal with them.

3. An Understanding That Women Are Capable

Never again would it be a question whether or not women are too emotional, too weak or too submissive to hold leadership positions. Hillary Clinton would let more women have chances at top leadership positions, and people would have no choice but to accept the fact that women are every bit as capable as their male counterparts.

The most powerful woman in government won't be the First Lady, who spends her days choosing china patterns and hosting dinners. She will be the president of the United States, and she will set a new standard for women all over the country.

Women are capable. Women are leaders. Women deserve the same respect men do. A Hillary Clinton presidency would indicate just that.

The bottom line is this: If America elects a woman to lead the nation, the idea of a female president will no longer seem remarkable. A female presidency will no longer be viewed as some extraordinary, astounding feat.

Rather, it will be normalized. It will open the door for a future where women are leaders. The concept of breaking glass ceilings will take on a whole new meaning.