If You're A White Girl, Then This Video Is For You

Lorde sings in "Royals" about all the things we don't have compared to those who live the life of luxury. In this new hilarious parody, however, a group of stereotypical girls joke about everything we do have, from "Twilight" to twerking.

This hilarious video makes fun of being our ridiculous selves: from our outrageous food preferences (veggies from the veggie pizza only!) to our kissy duck faces, all of us can be real girls sometimes!

We do want to point out one flaw in the video, though. Although the music parody is called Lordy’s “White Girls,” and is intended to make fun of that demographic, we would argue that the characteristics that the song lists can be said of all women. You don’t need to be a certain type of girl to appreciate a smoothie!

Regardless, check out the video here. It’s pretty hilarious and will have you craving soy milk frappucinos with your besties while watching “Teen Mom.”

H/t: Total Frat Move, Top Photo Courtesy: Yahoo