This Headline Flips The Script On Amal Alamuddin And George Clooney's Wedding

Business Woman Media is not impressed by George Clooney or his years in Hollywood.

It is, however, ready to laud human rights attorney Amal Alamuddin for her many career successes.

In an unexpected twist on Saturday's media coverage of Alamuddin's marriage to Clooney, the website ran a profile of the lawyer's career with an aside that she'd made the questionable choice to marry a mere actor.

The article, entitled "Internationally acclaimed barrister Amal Alamuddin marries an actor," details Alamuddin's lofty education, plethora of academic awards and professional successes.

Business Woman Media even quoted solicitor Mark Stephens, who said of Alamuddin,

She is a fabulously bright woman, she’s independent, has a Rolls-Royce mind and intersocial skills to die for.

Stephens chose Alamuddin to defend WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, a landmark case in her career.

The Business Woman Media team even writes that it hopes Alamuddin isn't simply settling for Clooney. The piece stands out in a sea of celebrity gossip articles that describe Alamuddin as a pretty face who happens to have caught Clooney's eye, not as an exceptionally successful professional.

Many publications are also quick to applaud Clooney's lengthy time spent as a serial womanizer, not his decision to settle down with a legal maven.

via Business Woman Media, Top Photo Credit: WENN