Saying O Instead Of Ow: Having More Orgasms Means Suffering Less Pain For Women

Women are tough — but we don't need the miracle of childbirth to tell us that.

Instead, a simple study will do.

According to Rutgers University researcher Barry Komisaruk, who has, in his own words, spent his entire career investigating female pleasure, experiencing an orgasm is likely to dull feelings of pain in females.

Komisaruk began his study on rats. After inserting a dildo (again, his words, not mine) into the female rats' vaginas, they stop exhibiting the pain response to their feet being pinched, which they had shown when they weren't being sexually stimulated.

Working now with Dr. Beverly Whipple, a specialist on human sexuality, the two have turned their attentions to how women's pain is minimized when they're sexually stimulated.

In one study, for example, they measured pain thresholds during childbirth, determining that their pain was significantly reduced when the baby began to pass through the birth canal, which correlates to the pleasure-inducing G-spot stimulus.

They've speculated that without this vaginal stimulation as part of childbirth, it would be even more painful and difficult for women.

H/T: The Atlantic, Photo Courtesy: Tumblr