Haters Are Gonna Hate: 14 Characteristics That Make A Woman A Boss Not A B*tch

by Elite Daily Staff

Sometimes everyone can just go and suck it. When it comes to being lady bosses, we’re sick of apologizing for being who we are, what we’re doing or how we’re acting.

Being a naturally strong, beautiful and powerful woman unfortunately also makes you the primary target for those haters who spew unhappiness. The only thing misery loves more than company is spreading it.

But remember: You can never rise to the top when you’re caught up with the downers at the bottom.

Here are 14 characteristics that make you a lady boss -- and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

1. Confidence

You don’t need to be the prettiest, smartest or wittiest person in the room, but if you act confident, you’ll be perceived as embodying all three.

That kind of star power sure as hell intimidates the insecure. Don’t let people like that stop you from flashing your full wattage.

2. Saying how you feel

Contrary to the believers of “no response is the best response,” being upfront about your feelings isn’t a sign of weakness; it’s sidestepping the passive aggressive bullsh*t.

Whether it’s finally confessing your true feelings for your crush or calling out your friend for dropping the ball, saying what’s on your mind is not only liberating, but also advances you closer to your goals. Don’t hold back.

3. Owning your sexuality

A little harmless flirtation is good for the soul! Go on. Bat your eyelashes, giggle a little too loudly and do the walk-away… but then come back because there’s a ton of coquettish mischief waiting for you on the other end.

And if jealous girls are gonna hate on you for having a fun fling, well, ain't nobody got time for that!

4. Being the center of attention

As a natural-born Leo and performer at heart, I love being the life of the party and the buzz in the room.

I’m certainly not going to hog someone else’s spotlight (it’s just waaay too exhausting being fabulous all the time), but you can’t hate a girl for wanting to be social. As long as you don’t own the audience to the detriment of the orchestra, play on.

5. Being naturally ___

Thin, smart, blonde... Whatever you were born with, rock it and don’t apologize for having been naturally gifted. No one should make you feel bad for your blessed slender legs, beautiful mind, large cup size or any other enviable features.

Okay, so we might be super jealous that you have hair that puts Jared Leto’s to shame, but that doesn’t give girls license to put you down for it.

… We’ll just pull a Jan Brady, cut it off while you’re sleeping and fashion a wig out of it, instead.

6. Knowing what you want

Determination keeps you focused and is the key to becoming successful. The naysayers that taint your aspirations only serve to stand in the way of your eventual greatness.

7. Unique style

Who cares if you’re stepping out in a getup only Lady Gaga would dare to wear? I have a penchant for pairing leopard, skulls and anything outrageously gaudy all at once and you can best believe I strut it harder than Naomi Campbell gunning after one of her assistants.

Being bold in your sartorial choices makes you an original -- the only and best version of yourself. And when you feel trendy, you never go out of style.

8. Committing to yourself

Whether it means carving out time in the day exclusively for you, adopting a healthy lifestyle or following through on a goal, putting yourself first in order to do it is completely acceptable.

You can’t be afraid to pursue what fulfills you, even if others don’t share in your vision. Knowing that you can entrust yourself to accomplish what needs to be done is a huge form of empowerment. Scare people with it.

9. Honesty

As long as it’s delivered kindly and without judgment, the people who hate on you for being honest are those that cannot accept the truth. No one benefits from being fake.

10. Quirky

I’m going to let you in on a not-so-secret secret: I’m one of the weirdest people other people come into contact with in this world, and I effing love it.

I put my underwear on backwards more than I care to admit. Things are way funnier in my head than when I speak them aloud. And I still have a tender relationship with my blankie.

The people who matter most love you for all these things. Being quirky makes you special in every sense of the word.

11. Speaking out against injustices

It’s not wrong to stick up for yourself or others when you witness a maltreatment; it’s wrong not to. Find your voice and don’t be scared to use it or else no one will ever take the time to listen.

12. Practicing a healthy lifestyle

Taking care of yourself through exercise, proper diet and hygiene is something to proud of.

Between shaving, grooming, moisturizing, exfoliating, eating, sleeping, brushing, waxing, tweezing, running, stretching, bending and snapping -- if you are diligent enough to complete at least one to the best of your ability, well then you go, girlfriend! Maintain the momentum and maybe lend a sister a hand with her eyebrows?

13. Trendsetter

Maybe you’re an entrepreneurial thinker or free spirit who paves the path for others to follow -- whatever it is, the person who sets the trend is also always first in line to receive the backlash.

Harness that powerful woman inside -- the one who is this innovative trailblazer at heart -- and channel it against those who try to stop your fire. Like Snoop Dogg/Lion says, keep blazing.

14. Being your own person

Isn’t this the heart of the article and what it’s all about? When you’re independent, when you’re your own person and not following the crowd, you’re going to encounter haters, trolls, downers and that kind of negativity in your life. But remember that pleasing the naysayers won’t bring you closer to pleasing yourself.

Haters are gonna hate, but it’s much more rewarding to love.

Top Photo Courtesy: Fanpop