Take A Look At Where Your Favorite Disney Princesses Ended Up (Photos)

‘Happily ever after’ my ass. We all know that doesn’t exist. Why do fairy tales always end once the princess finally finds her prince charming? We all know she’s going to wind up straight miserable within a few years, but they never get to that part.

Why trick poor, innocent children into thinking it’s as simple as ‘happily ever after?’ We’re just setting our youth up for failure.

Canadian photographer Dina Goldstein seems to agree. So much so, she created a project she calls, “Fallen Princesses.

It's a series of photographs that depicts the more cynical version, or as I like to call it, more realistic version, of the Disney Princesses living out their ‘happy’ endings. Cinderella is an alcoholic, Little Red Riding Hood is obese and Pocahontas is an old cat lady. That’s more like it.

John Smith left Pocahontas and took the raccoon with him. Now, all she has is a sh*t ton of cats and a broken heart.

Sleeping beauty was always sleeping, so prince charming was like, "F*ck this boring hoe," and he put her ass in a nursing home.

Aladdin left Jasmine in the desert when he found another hot gypsy. Now, all she has is some serious ammo.

This princess was such a f*cking brat with that damn pea that they couldn't get enough mattresses to please her, so they threw her and her 50 mattresses in the dumpster.

Snow White's seven dwarfs left her, and now she's left with something way worse: seven kids.

Cinderella realized that her prince was a psychopath for somehow finding her using a slipper. He became a stage 5 clinger and drove her into alcoholism.

Rapunzel was forced to 'let down her hair' for good when she went through chemotherapy.

Little Red Riding Hood became obese red riding hood. She probably ate the wolf and her grandma, too.

Fishermen caught the Little Mermaid and obviously had to put her in an aquarium because - let's be real - how often do you come across a hot ginger mermaid?

Belle became old and wrinkly and was forced to go under the knife, even though her husband is, literally, a hairy beast.

Via: Daily Mail, Photo Courtesy: Dina Goldstein