Hailey Baldwin's Haircut Proves She Still Loves 'Friends' As Much As You Do

In case nobody's shrieked in your face yet this summer, you should know: The '90s are back in a big way, baby.

Our cropped mom jeans, dad baseball hats and liner-coated lips harken back to a simple time, one when the internet dialed up and supermodels didn't have to post on Instagram.

Aside from all the sartorial evidence hanging in fast fashion stores, take a look at the new hairstyle model Hailey Baldwin debuted.

In a series of 'grams posted August 24, the baby makeup entrepreneur showed off a shoulder-length cut with plenty of layers, blow dried and curled under to create maximum bounce.

We may have told you about the cut, but I have a theory about where it comes from.

This style is giving me serious deja vu, to be totally transparent. It looks an awful lot like the "Rachel," the hairstyle Jennifer Aniston popularized on “Friends” nearly two decades ago.

Remember this look? It probably haunts your nightmares, right alongside chunky turtleneck sweaters.

The Chris McMillan cut was all volume, sort of like a dandelion shape with piecey layers and a bottom flip-out.

The style sparked a wave of terrible suburban copycat cuts. (Did anyone ever figure out how to actually make it look like that, though?)

Mostly, we all just ended up with terrifying triangle-hair we try not to remember by hiding all the photo albums our moms kept back then.

Years later, Aniston would repeatedly admit she hated the haircut. She thought it was “cringey” and the "ugliest haircut," saying she never figured out how to make it look normal, either.

Hailey's style looks a lot like lob had a one-night stand with the "Rachel," one that involved protection in the form of strong-hold hairspray.

Notably, she skipped the beachy waves or ringlet blowouts of the past in favor of curled-under strands.

The takeaway from all of this? Every style comes back in fashion eventually.

Prepare your hair gel and butterfly clips accordingly.