Hailey Baldwin Somehow Made Granny Underwear Cool In This Lace Bodysuit

I see London, I see France… I see Hailey Baldwin's entire underwear situation.

You heard me. Baldwin, who's currently transitioning from Milan Fashion Week to its Parisian equivalent, is showing off what's under her designer outfits.

Spoiler alert: It's designer undergarments.

A recent Instagram posted by the model showed her in a bullet-cupped, thick-strapped bodysuit paired with dark pants and tightly pulled-back hair. Instead of bombshell, Baldwin gave the camera grandma-chic, which I respect.

She captioned the photo “lossserrrrr,” in the manner of hot girls everywhere trying to post their killer bodies without being called egotistical.

Whatever Baldwin's selling, I'm buying it. Judging by the bodysuit's oversized straps and high neckline, the piece seems to be unreleased Dolce & Gabbana.

It's incredibly similar to the black cocktail dress she modeled on the runway just hours before.

Baldwin's style choice isn't a total shocker, considering the last few years have seen the rise of norm-core style (think dad hats and oversized sweatshirts) and athleisure. As if wearing sneakers to work wasn't change enough, there's also been a cultural shift as to what's acceptable to wear underneath our clothes.

Specifically, panties have gotten a makeover.

Gone are G-strings, thongs and the like (although, if you like them, more power to you). They've been replaced by full-coverage granny panties, albeit the kind emblazoned with “feminist” on the rear.

Even panty lines are a forgivable offense these days. They're nothing worth worrying your pretty head over.

If you're interested in trying the look out yourself, head to the lingerie department of your nearest suburban mall. White lace shapewear costs far less than the Dolce & Gabbana kind. Just make sure you're buying the kind with the extra-thick straps, just like your grandma would.