Guys On Tinder Are So Thirsty, They Don't Even Know When They're Being Trolled (Photos)

Men might think they rule the Tinder universe with their awful pick-up lines and uncomfortable comments, but 23-year-old Emily proves that she can troll just as well as the big boys.

On her Tumblr, How to Lose a Guy in One Tinder, Emily screenshots conversations she has with boys she matches with on Tinder where she calls herself a granny, tells them something kinky she's into is "free range eggs," begs a man named Roland to stop thinking she's desperate (minus any context whatsoever), and purposely says more unattractive things. It's hilarious.

But these men couldn't possibly be thirstier because, despite her efforts to freak these guys out, a lot of them don't give up so easily.



Photos Courtesy: Tumblr