Classic, Not Plastic: Being Guy Hot Isn't The Same As Being Beautiful

by Lauren Martin

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or in the eye of the guy just trying to get some ass.

There are two kinds of beauty in this world: the kind women see and the kind men see.

There’s that effortless beauty that can’t be forged or manipulated — that classic style and graceful ease certain women attain. That beauty that radiates from within, where small features allure you and subtle nuances grab you. That’s girl hot.

Then there’s the kind of beauty that’s bold and in your face. The kind that when you really look at it, you realize it’s just a bunch of checkpoints that have been ticked off to fit a societal standard.

Blonde hair, big tits, big ass, big lips. It’s the girl in the high heels and the short dress and the processed hair. That’s guy hot.

Girl hot is rarely noticed by men. They pass by it, glance through it and look beyond it toward rolling chests and exposed midriffs.

Like a work of art, a masterpiece, a Monet, they refuse to notice the subtleties and exquisite movements behind women with short hair and covered chests.

Like children, they’re too distracted by the flashing lights of the modern exhibit with naked girls and loud sound effects.

Women, on the other hand, notice the beauty in other women the way an art collector sees truth and passion in a still life.

They aren’t distracted or lured by the fake and the modified. They understand when a woman is inherently beautiful, when her face radiates light and her covered body hides beautiful curves.

They see the subtle art in red lipstick and the definition in jaw lines from pixie cuts. Men just see short hair and lips that can’t be sucked on.

So for all the women who feel ugly and undesirable because men walk past their beauty on the way to the women with the sexy pouts and large behinds, just know that women never will.

We may not stop and drool, but we will always notice you and always appreciate you. Most importantly, always remember: Male attention is not a prerequisite to beauty.

Guy hot is for others; girl hot is for herself

A woman who lives and dresses for herself doesn’t need male attention to feel beautiful; she inherently does.

Guy hot is showing skin; girl hot is comfortable in your own skin

A woman who doesn’t need to always show skin is a woman who doesn’t need to always look around for approval.

Guy hot is putting it all out there; girl hot is keeping some for yourself

Refusing to give everything away, to give every piece of yourself to any eye that wanders over is refusing to give away your power.

Guy hot can be replicated; girl hot is authentic

It’s easy to copy an idealized standard; it’s a lot harder to find your own style. But those who do always end up leading the next pack.

Guy hot is a dime a dozen; girl hot is a perfect 10

There is no checklist to beauty. Big tits and pouty lips don’t add up to perfection. The perfect woman is the one who creates her own checklist.

Guy hot is easy to spot; girl hot is subtle

There’s beauty in subtlety, and those who have mastered it will always draw a sharper eye.

Guy hot makes a d*ck stand; girl hot takes a stand

It doesn’t take much to turn a man on. It takes a lot more, however, to turn everything he knows upside down.

Guy hot is painted on; girl hot is when it all comes off

Anyone can paint her face. Anyone can draw on a mask. Only some can be alluring without one.

Guy hot is accepted; girl hot is controversial

We know what makes men tick. It's what we can't explain that we want to explore.

Guy hot is on Instagram; girl hot doesn’t need a filter

Only certain girls don’t need to be validated by likes.

Guy hot is in your face; girl hot is intangible

It’s like shopping at Whole Foods and Costco. Bigger doesn’t always mean better quality.

Guy hot inspires sex; girl hot inspires art

It’s one thing to get into bed; it’s another to be drawn there.

Guy hot fades; girl hot becomes better with age

Time exposes everyone except for the woman who only gets better with it. Her prime is still to come.

Guy hot takes time; girl hot is timeless

A woman who spends two hours in front of a mirror isn’t worthy of her own reflection.

Guy hot is a trend; girl hot transcends time

Curves are 2015. Skinny frames were 1995. We can’t predict what will be next, but an inherently beautiful woman never needs to.

Guy hot is two-dimensional; girl hot is layered

True beauty comes from a radiance that’s deep within in a woman’s soul. That radiance is lost in pounds of makeup and burnt skin.

Guy hot is safe; girl hot makes you uncomfortable

If you can’t understand it, it’s probably worth figuring it out.

Guy hot is easy; girl hot is harder to understand

If you’re something they can’t grasp, you’re something they’ll be chasing forever.