18 Reasons Growing Old With Your Sister Will Be The Best Thing Ever

by Niki McGloster
Universal Pictures

I'm the baby of my sister duo.

Though my role comes with a lot of annoying younger sibling behaviors, my big sis never fails to fascinate me with her reliability.

Whether I'm crying to her about a f*ckboy for the umpteenth time or calling her at 7 am to ask a question, she's always there.

I recently had the chance to screen the movie “Sisters,” and I can finally confirm what I’ve always known. My sister is the Amy Poehler to my Tina Fey.

Just like the siblings in the film, my sis and I are tied to one another for life.

Tina Fey and Amy Poehler star in a comedy about 40-something sisters who try to stop their parents from selling their childhood home.

On a mission to cling to their memories, the pair throw a high school-style house party.

Along the way, they realize the importance of sisterhood. It's a big responsibility.

My lifelong friendship with my sister is good, but it's only just beginning. As the years pass, we'll only get better.

1. We'll be better at defending each other when arguing with our parents.

When we were younger, she wasn't always on my side. As we grow older, she'll have perfected her arguing skills.

Our parents are never right, anyway.

2. We'll both still do what it takes to get out of a ticket.

No shame in showing a little cleavage.

3. We'll gladly swap mom duties, even if it's just for a night.

She'll watch the kids this time, so I can let my freak flag fly.

4. We'll remind each other of all the stupid sh*t we did as 20-somethings.

"Remember that one time..." is a already a regular conversation starter.

5. We'll listen to each other's embarrassing old diary entries.

Who else would I tell about my first hand job?

6. She'll still know when something's too much for me.

Sometimes I'm just too irrational or fragile to handle things. She does it for me.

7. She’ll help me meet new people after my divorce.

Even if I'm not divorced, she'll still help me flirt. It's harmless, right?

8. She'll continue to be the best wingwoman of all time.

If I'm still single, she'll be doing everything in her power to get me laid.

9. She’ll be there when I get wasted, even though she knows I'm too old for it.

She'll be there to hold my hair back or tell me to stop taking shots.

10. She'll always know exactly who I am and love me anyway.

She's well aware I can't hold my tongue, but she knows I'll never spill her beans.

11. She'll know what's right for me, even when I don't.

She'll help me, even when I don't ask for it.

12. We'll always remember the silly dances we made up as kids.

Our moves never go out of style.

13. She’ll be the only person who can laugh about my childhood with me.

The inside jokes are endless.

14. She'll still hate the girl who crossed me in high school.

I'm not over it, and she gets that.

15. She’ll still let me borrow money.

It'll be a "wink, wink" loan.

16. She’ll be the voice of reason during my parenting missteps.

What else are aunts good for?

17. She'll let me hide out at her house when the world gets too tough.

She'll never let me fall.

18. She'll always feel like home.

No matter how far apart we are.