Dear Men, Your Bad Grammar Is The Reason You're Not Getting Laid

Nothing ruins my love life quite like autocorrect.

Trying to send a flirty text should be as simple as a quick, midday, "I'm thinking of you!" But my $600 iPhone -- designed to read my very thoughts -- turns my message into word hash.

Instead of "you," I'm suddenly thinking of lube or Peru.

It's enough to make a girl want to put on stretched-out long johns and go to sleep early. Dates and nightlife are only for the articulate.

According to the editing app Grammarly, I'm not the only one who's unable to put a coherent sentence together via smartphone. The brand partnered with eHarmony to see how a working knowledge of the English language affects your chances in the dating pool.

10,000 matches later, they put the data into a handy infographic. Just in time for Valentine's Day, too.

If you know your prepositions from your conjunctions, you're in luck.