Grab Your Bestie: How To Survive Valentine's Day As A Single Female


Valentine's Day, V-Day, the worst holiday ever -- these are just some of the ways single women refer to the dreaded February 14.

Wherever Valentine's Day has a presence, you'll find women sulking in their single status, women who are actually sad to be living solo, all because they can't participate in the festivities on this day of love. But, as Jessica Biel taught us in "Valentine's Day," there isn't anything a piñata can't fix.

Why do women crawl into a black hole on this day, cursing their friends in relationships as they feed their fit of misery? We need to relax! Every woman's time will come for a fruitful relationship and a sexy V-Day celebration. Until then, let's embrace all of the benefits a single life ensures.

This year, the worst part of this dreaded holiday is that it falls on a Friday. Oh joy! It's one thing if it sweeps through during the week, but this night of love takes on a whole new meaning when it lands on a weekend night.

Say goodbye to your friends as they make off into the night with their boyfriends. Hopefully you have enough single friends this year to entertain you when the day rolls around.

What's the best way to survive Valentine's Day as a single woman, you ask? Lucky for you, we're here to help.

The first step is to call your closest single girlfriend… obviously!

As long as you have one other person to share the misery you're feeling on this day, you'll be okay.

Meet up with your friend and decide what route you two are going to take for the night. It will usually result in a timeline of events similar to this:

First comes the alcohol...

Then the endless snacks...

Finally, the complaints...

After you drink, eat and complain your feelings away, you will probably realize how pathetic you sound. Upon this realization, you and your friend will need to do something to boost your self-confidence. You spend two hours perfecting your hair and makeup in preparation.

Since it's Friday, you decide there will be a multitude of people, who are also single, at the bar -- aka, it's time to go out.

You and your friend scope out the crowd and realize there are absolutely no potential prospects around you, whatsoever. You decide to fight the disappointment with massive amounts of alcohol.

Realizing how drunk you both are, you decide to get some late-night food and head back to one of your apartments (because obviously you do not want to be alone).

What better way to depress yourself even more on this night? Wine and rom-coms, with a little side of pot to take the edge off.

After watching "The Breakup" and "How To Lose A Guy In 10 Days" and shedding five pounds of tears, you and your BFF collapse into one another.

You may be single, but at least you have each other! Honestly, isn't that what's important?

To all my single ladies, Happy Valentine's Day!

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It