The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Being A Single Female In Her 20s

by Ashley Fern

People have very strong feelings when it comes to being single in their 20s. Either they love it or hate it -- there is no in-between.

Even if, for the most part, these people are complacent in their relationship statuses (or lack thereof), there are definitely moments of weakness when they wish they just had someone by their sides.

Often these moments are (over)compensated for with booze, weed and/or food, bringing them back to the appreciation of their freedom. As much as there is an upside of being single, there is also a downside -- as is the case of the majority of things in life.

My boyfriend does this really cute thing where he doesn't exist. — Daddyissues (@Daddyissues__) January 6, 2015

So what do these things look like through the eyes of single people? What are the good, the bad and the ugly aspects of the unattached life?

Take a look for yourself, and laugh along as you read -- because everyone knows the best way to get through any situation is through laughter.

Going Out

The Good: You can dress any way you f*cking want without listening to someone tell you your dress is too short; you can bring home anyone you damn well please.

The Bad: For the majority of the night, you're footing your own bill.

The Ugly: There is a much higher chance of blacking out and bringing home a soft four (emphasis on the soft).

Staying In Shape

The Good: There is no extreme pressure to look a certain way.

The Bad: The days you do work out are canceled out by the Chipotle binges you frequently indulge in -- wait, isn't that the point of exercising?

The Ugly: Before you know it, it's Memorial Day Weekend and you're stuck shopping for one pieces and coverups.

Staying In

The Good: You -- and only you -- get to decide what show you're going to binge watch on Netflix and how much food you're going to order on Seamless.

The Bad: You have absolutely no one else to share in those unhealthy calories with you.

The Ugly: The moment you realize where you're at in life as you're crying into a bowl of pasta as yet another beloved character on "Grey's Anatomy" is unrightfully killed off -- and it's the fifth time you've seen this episode.


The Good: Your schedule is your own, free from obligatory shower and shaving rituals.

The Bad: Every female knows just how many days her hair doesn't look greasy for, and if she's not exercising...

The Ugly: You realize it's been over five days and the delivery man is starting to react to your odor.

Family Interrogations

The Good: Your parents realize they won't have to spend any of their hard-earned money on a wedding this year.

The Bad: They try and set you up with absolutely anyone they know in your age bracket.

The Ugly: They force you to think about the most stressful things in your life -- your career and future goals.


The Good: You can mingle with eligible bachelors.

The Bad: You get drunk, rent a hotel room at the venue and sleep with the bartender.

The Ugly: You wind up getting way too sh*tfaced and ruin the entire reception.

Your Bank Account

The Good: There is no one else to account for except for you and all of your unnecessary needs!

The Bad: You find yourself Googling: "How much is it to rent a boyfriend?"

The Ugly: You spend wayyyy too much and now find yourself broke and alone.


The Good: You have ample free time to spend checking out your options.

The Bad: You realize there are no viable options.

The Ugly: You start relying on Hinge and Tinder and wonder what you did to deserve this.


The Good: You don't have to take into consideration what anyone wants except for you!

The Bad: You're paying the entire bill solo.

The Ugly: You won't stop ordering until you hate yourself, your doorman can't look you in the eye and even the deliveryman is questioning your mental state.

Hooking Up

The Good: The world is your oyster; you can do anything (or anyone) you've ever wanted to.

The Bad: There's nothing like a sh*tty hookup to make you feel more alone.

The Ugly: Drunk sex leads to unprotected sex, and unprotected sex leads to...


The Good: You have the entire bed to sprawl your semi-dead self across; there's no one poking you in the back, trying to have sex with you while all you can concentrate on is not throwing up.

The Bad: There is no one to fetch Gatorade, food and Advil for you.

The Ugly: After your fifth trip to the bathroom, the best cure is just to have someone rub your back and tell you it's all going to be OK.