The Good, The Bad And The Ugly Of Being Best Friends With Your Roommates

by Ashley Fern

Living with friends in your 20s is probably one of the more fun things you can experience during this time of your life.

Nearly everyone is equally as rent poor as you are, which is why we must jam pack as many people into one unit as possible.

Sadly, even after that's happened, you're still paying out the ass while struggling to make ends meet.

The upside to this situation is that you actually are friends with the people you are constantly living on top of, and thank God for that, because the alternative seems much, much worse.

So what does life look like when your roommates are actually your best friends?

The Refrigerator

The Good: You rarely go food shopping as it is, just to make sure there's room for everybody's items!

The Bad: Watching your roommate cook dinner daily makes you feel really sh*tty about your terrible Seamless habit.

The Ugly: When you're blacked out at 2 am, you find yourself eating their food and praying no one notices.

Sleeping Situation

The Good: You always have someone to snuggle with.

The Bad: You always have someone trying to drunk cuddle you.

The Ugly: You both realize you'd rather lie in bed with each other than a partner.

The Shower

The Good: You've perfected a schedule that accommodates each of your habits.

The Bad: It's the weekend and you've all been procrastinating your nightly shower until the last possible minute, too bad there are two or three of you who need to shower... and at the same time.

The Ugly: No one wants to clean the hair from the drain, so you find yourself frequently standing in 3 inches of water while you shower.


The Good: You always have a drinking partner even if it takes a little convincing sometimes.

The Bad: You both over-encourage one another and see no issue finishing an entire bottle of Fireball amongst yourselves.

The Ugly: It's 3 am and you're having relay races of who can eat the most late-night food. No one wins in this situation.


The Good: At least you have each other to wake up and complain to!

The Bad: Neither of you has the energy to go to the corner store for bagels or Gatorade.

The Ugly: You find yourself throwing up in the toilet while she's vomiting in the sink.


The Good: The more people you live with, the more the household responsibilities can be divvied up.

The Bad: Let's be honest, no one ever likes to clean.

The Ugly: Each of you forgets to restock on toilet paper, so you end up getting really creative here.

Staying In

The Good: It's a hell of a lot easier to convince someone to stay in than it is to go out.

The Bad: You end up getting just as drunk, if not more, than if you went out.

The Ugly: You blackout, pass out on the couch and get an even worse sleep than if you had chosen to go out.

Your Closet Situation

The Good: The more people you live with, the more closets you have access to.

The Bad: You never know where half of your belongings are at any given time.

The Ugly: You're rushing for work and don't realize until you've already sat down that you have a giant wine stain on your blouse.

Watching Television

The Good: There's always someone you can binge watch "Law And Order: SVU" with.

The Bad: Chances are you only have one television in your living room, which means conflicting schedules from time to time.

The Ugly: Before you know it, eight hours have passed and neither of you has accomplished anything.

Going Out

The Good: You have someone to wingman you and get ready with!

The Bad: If you don't want to go out, you will eventually succumb to the peer pressure.

The Ugly: If either of you wants to go home early because you're upset, you better believe you're dragging the other one with you.


The Good: You can share an account!

The Bad: If you want to exceed three screens, you're paying for it.

The Ugly: You can't watch the same show at the same time if you're on the same season without screwing up the other person's place.

Having Overnight Guests

The Good: The more, the merrier!!!

The Bad: There's a very high chance you won't sleep due to the sex noises coming from the other room.

The Ugly: You will see an unsuspecting penis at least once in your bathroom.

The Bathroom Situation

The Good: If you run out of hair serum, there's definitely more where that came from.

The Bad: The more females who share a bathroom, the less room you have for your 100+ beauty products.

The Ugly: Did we already mention the hair in the drain issue?

Personal Boundaries

The Good: There aren't any.

The Bad: There aren't any.

The Ugly: There aren't any.