The 2016 Golden Globes Proved This Is The Year Of The Plunging Neckline (Photos)

Last year women were all about the sexy, plunging back. Dresses, bodysuits, you name it.

For girls like me, it sucked.

Dresses with plunging backs always give me anxiety because I have basically zero shoulder blade definition.

Also, what if I need to bend down and grab something? No one gets to see that much without buying me a couple of gin and tonics first.

Thankfully, style at the Golden Globes went in an entirely different direction this year.

Celebs were all about, well, the globes. Plunging necklines replaced low backs.

No matter what cup size of #blessed you are, it's impossible to go wrong with a plunging neckline.

In fact, girls with smaller busts can go for an even more revealing cut without being as concerned about playing peek-a-boob.

Jaimie Alexander better thank whoever invented double-sided tape.


Girl, a couple more inches and you're in Tara Reid territory.

Kirsten Dunst is evidence the trend works for girls with major curves.


Just stick to double-sided tape and no-show cups.

Jenna Dewan Tatum was on fire last night, and husband Channing Tatum looked rather emo about it.


Is boob strobing a thing? Because there is no other way a girl can be that shiny.

Sophia Bush made that gown anything but basic.


Smaller-chested girls can get away with less coverage because they don't require a lot of support.

Katy Perry proves there's nothing better than flaunting it.


No wonder Orlando Bloom couldn't stop ogling them all night.

Olivia Wilde wore my dream going-out dress.


Can I get one in my size?

America Ferrera is proof you don't have to go full-frontal to look like a goddess.


Larger-busted gals will appreciate the extra coverage of Ferrera's gown, which still packs plenty of sex appeal.