Going Too Far? The 'Internal Bra' Screws Its Straps Onto Your Rib Cage

by Ashley Fern

Is this a joke? The latest in plastic surgery is an internal bra procedure -- yes, seriously.

It's a spin off the tradition breast implant except it also attaches a device to keep the boobs nice and perky. How? Fine silk straps are placed UNDER your skin and attached to your upper ribs with TITANIUM SCREWS.

A British doctor was the first to do this procedure just last week and, since then, only three patients have undergone the surgery.

Unlike traditional implants, this new contraption will prevent breasts from sagging for up to 10 years (traditional implants prevent sagging for 5).

Similar ideas have been circulating for years, but apparently this is the first that actually involves legitimate screws.  I get it -- you don't like wearing a bra, but I also don't like showering and that doesn't mean I'm going to boycott it.

Bras are the worst things about having big boobs, but come on: isn't this a little excessive?

via EllePhotos Courtesy: Harriet Stigner