This Girl's Secretly Dyed Hair Is The Coolest Thing Ever (Video)

When I was a teenager, my parents and I never quite saw eye-to-eye on matters of body modification.

I wanted tattoos; they hated ink. I wanted piercings; they forbade it.

Naturally, I quickly mastered the art of concealment. Tattoos could disappear under clothing; piercings could hide behind a lock of hair.

It wasn't until I was in my twenties that I gave up and decided they could take their opinions and shove 'em.

Still, I appreciate a good camouflaging. And this girl has it down pat.

The girl, named Jaye, wanted to dye her hair blue and purple (a la the “oilslick” trend), but she wanted to be able to hide the colors if necessary.

So, with the help of colorist Don Tan at The Ritz-Carlton Hotel spa in Singapore, Jaye developed a foolproof plan: They'd dye the under-layers of her hair, but leave the longer top layer natural.

The results are incredible.

At first glance, her ebony tresses are totally unassuming. But a sweep of the hand through her hair reveals a veritable rainbow of saturated streaks.

It's undoubtedly one of the coolest dye jobs we've ever seen — not to mention, totally practical (hayyyyy job interviewers).

Check out Jaye's marvelous mane below and learn more about the process here.

Jaye on YouTube

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