Curly Hair Emoji Are Finally Here And They Look Adorable

Emoji are about as ingrained in our day-to-day life as smileys and “LOL” once were. They have a language all their own. There's a flamenco dancer for when you want to get crunk or the information desk girl for when you just couldn't give any less f*cks.

While there are now different skin tones for each emoji, they still lack one important feature: diverse hair.

Dear emoji makers, not every girl has perfect, pin-straight hair.

That's where Dove came in. As an extension of the Love Your Curls campaign, the skin and haircare brand is releasing an emoji keyboard which will feature over 27 unique curly hair designs in a variety of skin tones and hair shades.


Better yet? They're free.

Check out the video and love your curls just a little bit more.

Curly-haired babes, looks like you're about to really express what it means to "wake up like this."