10 Common Everyday Struggles In The Life Of A 20-Something Woman

by Diane Min

A day in the life of a woman includes many struggles. Most of our daily activities are bound by our emotions. What should I wear today? I don’t feel like wearing pants.

What should I eat today? I don’t feel like eating leftover quinoa salad…

There are definitely perks of being a girl, but here are 10 struggles that every woman has encountered at least once in her lifetime:

1. Not having any clothes to wear

Whether your clothes are in the laundry, on the floor or in your drawer with the price tag still attached, women are always troubling themselves when it comes to choosing what to wear.

As you are getting ready for school or work in the morning, there is often a build up of frustration and anger because you have absolutely nothing to wear.

It doesn’t matter how many grey V-neck shirts or dark blue jeans you have; there is always an issue with whether or not you feel comfortable in them. Likely, you’ll end up wearing the same pair of pants from the day before.

2. Contemplating whether or not to do your hair before you leave the house

If you’re already running late for work or a weekend brunch, having to curl, straighten or even brush your hair before you leave the house can seem like a huge nuisance.

Even if you have the best intentions to fix your bed head, most of the time, you’ll end up brushing your hair with your fingertips as you walk out of the door.

3. Disastrous makeup

Liquid and powder foundation can last for a while, but by the time you manage to get a tan in the summer, your foundation will be too light for your face (you can tell if the foundation is too light if the flash is on in photos).

You can also tell if foundation is too dark come fall. Maybe you’ve gone into a public bathroom with florescent lighting only to realize you have two different skin tones. Tip: Blend your foundation all the way down to your neck.

4. Unbuttoning your jeans after eating too much

It’s a cheat meal kind of day. Burgers and fries? Sure! But, after eating that delicious meal, it’s inevitable that you will feel extra bloated during your three-hour afternoon lecture or back in your cubicle at work.

And, of course, you had to wear your tightest pair of jeans rather than your comfy black tights that day.

Although you successfully unbuttoned your jeans with one hand, you realize a few hours later that the copper button needs to be reattached.

Sometimes, this leads to complete unzipping, then total falling down of the pants and subsequent embarrassing fumbling with the crotch region to get everything zipped and buttoned appropriately.

5. Realizing there’s something stuck in your teeth

As embarrassing as it is to have something stuck in your teeth, it’s more humiliating when you discover it after a 10-minute conversation with someone. I’m upfront about telling people when there’s something in their teeth.

It may seem abrasive and rude, but I would always rather someone tell me when they see it than walk around all day with a speckled smile. The same holds true for unzipped pants.

6. Not having any lip balm/lipstick

I have definitely gone through phases with different brands of lip balms, all the way from Lip Smacker to Eos. But, before I learned to invest in any form of lip balm, my lips would crack and get red and irritated. The more you lick, the more irritated chapped lips get; it’s a very vicious cycle.

It’s also vicious how often I lose lip balm. Way before I finish a product, I manage to misplace it and buy a new one. It’s an unsolved mystery, along with the black hole where all the hair ties and bobby pins go.

7. Thinking you lost your phone

There’s a moment of panic that accompanies losing your phone, even if it’s just in your massive tote bag. I’ve patted down my whole body in public during times when I’m simply trying to locate my phone.

Back pocket, check. Jacket pocket, check. Bra, check. Ladies, remember not to panic when you think you lost your phone because odds are, it’s just in one of the zillion pockets of your purse.

8. Not being able to find anything in your purse

For some reason, women try to carry everything they possible can in their purses. Maybe it’s just our instinct to be fully prepared for any makeup fixes, zombie apocalypses or potential hangriness.

Things we generally keep in our purses include: wallet, phone, keys, makeup, mirror, hair ties, receipts, water bottle, snacks, jewelry, deodorant, Band-Aids, pens, eyelash glue, toothbrush, phone charger, plastic bag and a fork.

Men, if you have ever wondered why women are always struggling to find something in their purse, this is why.

9. Getting home from school/work to take your bra off

By the end of a long day, the underwire and bra strap that strains your trap muscle will cut the circulation from your upper body. Seriously, 12 hours of bra strap tension on your upper body can get irritating.

But still, we are taught at a young age that we must use this lifting mechanism (the bra) to cover and support our breasts. If I had a choice to not wear a bra in public, I would take it — I really would.

But, for several reasons (including to avoid public embarrassment), I opt to wear a bra. Still, that feeling of coming home and undoing your bra is truly majestic. Bra hook, right strap, left strap, pull under your shirt and let those babies free.

10. Contemplating taking your makeup off

I enjoy wearing makeup; I could spend hours and hours applying it if I had the time. But, by the end of the day, it is honestly a struggle to make myself take off all of it. Almost once week, I lie on my bed completely exhausted, contemplating whether or not I should get up and wash my face.

I waste so much time thinking about washing my face that I often think to myself, “I could be sleeping right now if I had gotten up 30 minutes ago to wash, cleanse and then moisturize my face.”

Tip: Always wash your face at night and take off all your makeup before going to bed. It’s important to take care of your skin in order to reduce clogging of pores, wrinkles and blemishes.

Photo Courtesy: Fanpop