#GIRLBOSS: 5 Ways To Find And Unleash Your Inner Goddess

by Sheena Sharma

Women: We're dramatic, emotional and catty. We constantly try to one-up each other and it's probably one of our least favorable qualities. Still, it's important to understand why we do what we do. Despite the fact that we can get a little aggressive, we're all just trying to come out on top.

I recently came upon this blogger who plays with the idea of being a "#GirlBoss," as created by Nasty Gal CEO, Sophia Amoruso. This blogger put together a series in which she showcases some of the nation's most successful and inspirational women.

These women are conscientiously ruthless, and did whatever it took to make their dreams happen. No matter where they ended up, they all have something in common: they listened to their inner goddesses.

The cold, hard truth is we all sometimes try to bring each other down because we're all insecure, no matter how beautiful, or smart or successful we are. Some of us are simply more insecure than the rest.

As women, we have to get good at being able to balance hard work while simultaneously coming across as "sexy." Once we've mastered this balance and continue to practice it, we have the ability to do nearly anything we want. I've designed some tips for how to unleash one's inner goddess. These tips apply to all ages of women and all career fields:

Consistently change up your look.

Changing up your look isn't about trying to become beautiful; it's about finding out what your style is and being able to express yourself through what you wear.

Keep up with what's trending in the fashion world; the more you add nuances to your fashion sense, the closer you'll get to a style that makes you feel good.

It's not about always looking perfect, but rather, choosing the look that's perfect for you. Feeling good in one's skin leads to confidence, and confidence will help erase insecurity and cattiness.

Educate yourself.

You should know a lot, and when I say, "a lot," I mean know what's happening in the world — not just in the world of Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez.

Watch the news, read the paper, subscribe to a bunch of different newsletters and gain a bunch of different perspectives. Don't stop at what you learned through your college major.

It also helps to be knowledgeable about random facts; it'll makes you come across as witty and incredibly sexy. After all, knowledge is power. One of my favorite sayings about women is, "A beautiful woman is beautiful, but nothing is more dangerous than a woman with a beautiful mind."

Use men as driving forces, not crutches.

I can't count on my fingers the number of times I've watched friends lose themselves in relationships, and then think to myself, "that's a damn shame." One of the biggest mistakes a woman can make is to settle down before she achieves what she initially set out to achieve.

This rule doesn't only apply to the single-turned-coupled women, but also to the women already in relationships.

It's okay to vent to your boyfriend and seek comfort in him when you're feeling down, but if you flat-out use companionship in lieu of taking your sadness out on your craft each and every time you have a bad day, you're using him as a crutch.

Don't be that woman. Men will come and go, but only you can choose not to fail yourself. If you must be with someone, make sure he inspires you and doesn't provide you with tunnel vision only for him.

Capitalize on your past mistakes.

Whether you choose finance, law or business as a profession, it's crucial to leave time for the arts. We all have breakups on which we dwell and men whom we categorize as "the ones who got away."

We have friends we've quit talking to and we've been bullied or slut-shamed at some point or another. Channel any frustration or grief through creating something — anything.

Keep a diary if you're an overthinker, and if you're not super artsy, maybe a weekly pottery class is more your style. Ultimately, working through pain we've endured in the past will push us forward quicker, and help us reach success that much more seamlessly.

Congratulations, you've found your inner goddess.

Now, go take over the world.