Girl Writes Scathing Note To School After It Didn't Let Her Wear Certain Shorts

A 15-year-old girl in Quebec has garnered a fair amount of attention on social media after posting signs protesting her school's dress code.

According to Think Progress, junior Lindsey Stocker was asked to change her clothing after two vice principals entered her classroom and determined that her shorts were in violation of the dress code.

The code states that shorts and skirts must extend beyond the fingertips when students place their arms by their sides, and Stocker's clothing did not meet that requirement.

After being asked to change and refusing, Stocker subsequently posted 20 flyers around her school that read:

It's hard to argue that high schools don't have the right to demand that their students maintain at least some sense of decorum, but Stocker maintains that the real reason she was asked to changed is because administrators are afraid boys will be distracted by the attire, saying:

The boys should be the ones who have to learn to treat women better and look at them in a different light.

Stocker argued that the policy was unfair because teachers and administrators "don’t really care what guys wear," although you would likely be hard-pressed to find any male wearing shorts of a similar length.

She has since been suspended for her repeated refusal to follow the school's dress code.

via Think Progress