Girl Who Called Out DC Comics For Lack Of Female Heroes Becomes One (Photo)

Earlier this month, we were inspired by 11-year-old Rowan, who told off DC comics for its poor representation of female superheroes.

The spunky girl didn't hold back when introducing her complaint, writing,

I'm a girl, and I'm upset because there aren't very many girl superheroes or movies and comics from DC.

She continued, listing specific instances in which male characters were favored over female characters, and even questioned the publisher's decision to limit the female presence.

Her conclusion read,

I love your comics, but I'd love them a whole lot more if there were more girls.

Rowan's powerful letter to the comic giant went viral, and soon after, DC tweeted its commitment to building a stronger female presence within the DC universe of comic books, toys and movies.

DC, apparently committed to pleasing such a dedicated fan, even took it a step further by sending Rowan a personalized comic sketch, in which she was portrayed as the superhero.

Even better, Wonder Woman is slated to appear in the upcoming “Batman vs Superman” film, and in 2017, she will star in her own movie.

It's unclear if these decisions were influenced by the girl's plea for a bigger female presence in the comic book world, but we'd like to think that they were.

And as for Rowan, the real superhero of this story? We think she'll be glad to see her efforts paid off.

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