Getting Off By Not Getting Off: Women Fake Orgasms To Have Actual Orgasms

by Katie Gonzalez

This study provides an entirely new meaning to "fake it till you make it."

According to new research published in the Journal of Sexual Archives (it's a thing), women may be faking orgasms for their own pleasure.

While women have typically been thought to pretend with the big finish (over 80 percent of females admit to this, BTW) to help with their partner's ego, a survey of 481 sexually active heterosexual females not in serious relationships indicates that women also fake it for "Elevated Arousal — a woman’s attempt to increase her own arousal through faking orgasm."

Sure, those age-old reasons like "ending sex" and "fear and insecurity" are listed too, but this is major; now faking an orgasm just might help you achieve one.

Time calls it the "power of positive thinking," and we agree.

You may not be able to will one to happen, but at least this way you're actively trying, right?

Excitement all around.

H/T: Time, Top Photo Credit: Shutterstock