Get Excited For 'The Great Gatsby'

"The Great Gatsby" is a film project that I’ve been meticulously watching since the announcement of its production first came out years ago.

The film’s release date has been pushed back several times, so at this point, I’m somewhat skeptical as to whether the film will ever be released or not. Two years of waiting is a long time, and dedicated Gatsby fans, such as myself, are starting to get antsy.

However, there has been major recent evidence proving that the film is in fact coming out when it’s supposed to now. Vogue Australia’s May issue is featuring Karlie Kloss decked out head to toe in looks sponsored by Miuccia Prada and Tiffany and Co. -- looks that were specifically created for the film.

The Vogue Australia issue also includes an interview with Miuccia Prada herself, in which she tells us about the wardrobe collaboration with Gatsby director Baz Luhrmann and his wife, costume designer Catherine Martin.

The dress that Karlie is wearing on the cover looks awfully similar to the one that Mulligan wears in the film, and truly is the epitome of a 1920s party dress. Fashionistas everywhere should be anticipating the release of this film, not only for its historical and literary references, but looking at past styles for inspiration is the most fun aspect of getting dressed in the morning.

Hopefully, we’ll be seeing a lot more press about the release of this film, and even more so, I hope that it actually comes out when it’s (now) supposed to.

Ally Batista | Elite.

Twitter: @allybatista

Photo Credit: Getty Images