High Fashion Made Accessible To Gen-Y


Regardless of your shape or size, never underestimate the power of style because with the right look, you can empower and transform your self-esteem. Fashion sense can be an inherent quality, or it can be learned. For those of us who need a little advice on exactly what to strut our stuff in, we usually turn to fashion magazines and celebrities to give us an idea of what trends are on the rise. We may as well take advantage of the fact that they pay tens of thousands of dollars to consult stylists who scour the world for the hottest looks.

It’s not about how much money you spend, it’s about putting a certain look together and knowing where to shop.  There are hundreds of online stores and, for the most part, many of them look the same. So how do you stay a step ahead?  Perhaps the best way to shop online is to find a boutique that understands your individual style instead of just showcasing a few products you might be interested in.

Sites like Cor Luxury have found a way to amp your style like your favorite celebrity's without draining your bank account. Not only does Cor Luxury's website showcase some of the world's most fabulous trends in women's and men's apparel, but it provides an unparalleled designer resale selection at affordable prices.

Cor Luxury's inventory is hand selected by professional celebrity stylists, so you will find the same looks as those seen on the world's best dressed celebrities. The entire website is constructed around the principle of making celebrity style and glamor accessible to all. There are rare and impossible to find items, with the "Luxury Under $50" being especially helpful in finding items at exponential discounts. Highlighting limited inventory, the fashion forward Elite are able to build their wardrobe as fast as their favorite celebrities do.

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