Gearing Up On New York Street Style


New York City is a melting pot of immensely diverse and creative personalities, so just imagine the fashion statements that are made. This is the home of huge designer stores like Alexander Wang, Prada, Celine, Helmut Lang and much more. The amazing thing about NYC is that every neighborhood portrays different styles.

From the LES, which is the breeding ground for the young, talented and hungry minds sporting the latest hip styles, to the UES that is rampant with well-established business owners, celebrities, socialites and the who's who of the world, wearing classic, sophisticated, posh designer styles. Street style never gets old and you will never get bored.

You think you've seen it all until another person turning the corner comes out with their unique ensemble. One thing I love about NYC is that we are never behind with the latest and new. This summer, some of the hottest trends for women are monochrome, florals, crop tops with high-waisted, leather, thick midi heels -- and of course all white everything!

Here are a couple of styles portraying the hottest looks. Fierce females don't follow rules, but make their own and as you can see these ladies are making their own statements; if you haven't already done that, you need to get out there and make your own. There are many clothing stores and websites that could help you with that, but one of the top right now is With affordable prices and latest styles you can't go wrong. Here are some of the sizzling pieces from the site!

Amanda Silk Chic Short Set: $179

Camo Skinny Pants: $75


Lisa Stripe Dress: $49


Mini Sequin: $54

Photo Credit: WENN

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