'Frozen'-Inspired Bra Changes Colors When Two People Wearing It Touch

by Emily Arata

Celebrate the bond between "Frozen" Queen Elsa and Princess Anna with sister-themed bras that change pattern every time you bump breasts and hips.

The Japanese arm of lingerie brand Triumph crafted a pair of bras inspired by the hit 2013 Disney movie, which emphasizes the power of sisterhood, and the idea of futago koude, a trend in which best friends dress like twins.

Every year, the brand creates a pair of novelty bras to showcase its creativity, much like the jeweled bras produced each year by Victoria's Secret.

They'll never be mass-produced, but we can still marvel at the oddity that is the Close Sisters Bra.

Each woman dons the bra, patterned with light blue snowflakes, and a blue miniskirt with half a heart.

When the bra wearers touch hips, the skirts form a whole heart and complete an electronic circuit. Each bra changes color, revealing white hearts on a black background.

The bras even come with two sets of heart-shaped pads, one marked "big sister" and the other "little sister."

They're to be used for giving the electronic paper cups a little push-up power.

Should someone tell Triumph that sisters don't greet one another by pushing their boobs together?

There have got to be other ways to showcase sisterly intimacy.

H/T: Mirror 

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