From Chanel To YSL Its All About Punk Glamour


This fall season is one of the most glamorous seasons yet, rich with velvets, silk, gems and lace from YSL to Chanel. Some of the looks that really stand out feature the dove tail dresses, fringe leather jackets, thigh high leather boots, and pieces with the fusion of multiple materials. The vibe of the YSL collection is on the edgy side, incorporating a lot of black leather, tail dresses, black brim hats, floor-sweeping capes, leather pelmet minis and more belted skirts.

On the more dainty side, the fashion powerhouse also incorporates Peter Pan touches and highlights sixties-ish mini dresses with a school girl vibe, even if the outfits aren’t actually that innocent with their monochrome, black on black color scheme. Jeans, fringed leather jackets, dovetails and flowing mini dresses are also some of the hottest looks to hit the runways this season.

As for Chanel, the expression Karl Lagerfeld used to describe the collection was succinct: “Cruel romance.” The reference is both to the history of the venue (the place that Mary Queen of Scots was born and lived before her half-sister Elizabeth had her beheaded) and also to Mother Nature.

Quilted Leather Dress: $168

Don’t pack away your leather pieces just yet because it's still a key cloth for winter, feeding into both the vamp and punk trends seen recently on the catwalk and in fashion magazines. From Saint Laurent to Louis Vuitton, designers love the shape and style of a quilted, punk-rock dress, composed of every detail you have been searching.

Ultimate Runway Dovetail Dress: $168

For men, the double breasted militant look is hotter than ever. As seen with the new Burberry, this trend will make any man stand out in the crowd and is an immediate classic that will be in style for years to come.

 Stunning Peacoat: $149

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