Why Every 20-Something Should Have These 6 Types Of Friends

Your 20s is the time you figure out your life, contemplate your dreams, decide whether or not to drop out of school and relentlessly try to hold on to the free-spirited child who remains deep inside of you.

It all seems so bleak, which is why most of us turn to binge-drinking to get away from it all. We're just forcing ourselves to deal with the punches.

We wake up at different times every day, and most nights, we fall asleep too late.

We have piles of work, failed attempts at internships, too many hobbies we would like to keep and the strong desire to maintain social lives.

During these difficult times, it's important to hold on to the friendships that'll make the process slightly less painful.

Here are the six types of friends you should find in your 20s:

1. The Soulmate

This person probably pulled you into his or her life without so much as a word. The connection you feel with this person is more than skin deep.

This person keeps you grounded.

This person is always honest, even when you don't want to hear the truth.

These people bring you closer to a light... whether it's your spiritual self or a deeper understanding of life. They are there to remind you love is real. Faith in anything brings light into your world, and remaining in the moment is true power.

2. The Activist

We all need that one person who pushes us to express our opinions, despite what they may be.

Even if this friend disagrees with you, he or she will force a debate from you somehow. This person wants you to strengthen your opinions and the reasons behind them.

This is important, especially in your 20s. The person tests your abilities, and shows you how to express yourself and stand your ground.

3. The Drinking Buddy

Another important friend you should have in your 20s is the drinking buddy.

Yes, being 20 is about growing and achieving your goals, in order to set you up for the future. But if we are all work and no play, we will only look back at our 20s and think of them as a decade of distress.


We all need that one person we can hit up and ask to get a drink with, knowing they say yes every time... even if it's a Tuesday.

This person knows the best clubs and shows, and is always down to ditch out a day of work if it means you're going to get drunk together.

4. The Gossiper

We're still in our 20s, and that means we're still entitled to talk shit when we feel the ache to do so.

It's human nature, and it's only necessary we find someone we can do it productively with. Just make sure this gossiping friend isn't full of air.

The best people to gossip with are those who add meaning and background to every dirty little secret.

When the rumor turns into a deep conversation about emotional reactions, that's when you know you've found the perfect friend. Whether that gossip is about a politician or the boy you went out on a date with last week, your gossiping friend is there to listen and give you plenty of much-needed feedback.

5. The Workaholic

Always, always, always have a friend obsessed with work. This person will be the one to motivate you to do the same.

Despite the constant canceling of plans and random meet ups at coffee shops, every conversation with this person will become motivation for you. When all you have to do is talk about the shitty date you went on last week, you will realize how petty the issues you have are.

You'll be convinced to start working on something more important than yourself.

6. The Best Friend

This is the person you go to with everything and anything. Whether it's a debate, gossip, dreams, complaints about work or the desire to get shit-faced, this person won't judge what you have to say.

You can go over to this person in the middle of the night and cry onto his or her shoulders. He or she will simply wipe away the sleepy eyes and start a pot of tea... or maybe even grab you a beer.

This type of friend is the most crucial. This is the one who will forgive and forget every fight.

The relationships you make in your 20s will have the biggest influence on the person you become.

This time is crucial for you, your work and your future. The people you surround yourself with are going to be the ones who impact your decisions throughout the process.

Choose wisely, but always remember to be as much of a friend to others as the other person is to you. Help each other grow through this demanding decade.