19 Reasons Why Friends Who Cleanse Together, Stay Together

by Ashley Fern

If you have ever tried a juice cleanse, then you are more than well aware of how f*cking difficult it is do (and expensive).

This is the exact reason so many individuals grab a partner to suffer with as that support will probably be the only thing getting you through it.

Hunger is something everyone struggles with in one way or another, each and every day. So when you eliminate solid food from your diet altogether, the anxiety and cravings only get worse.

Watching others during breakfast, lunch and dinner is enough to make you reconsider your cleanse altogether.

I mean, there's really nothing worse than watching your coworker scarf down a delicious sandwich next to you while you're stuck drinking a combination of liquid kale, celery and misery.

If you can make it through a gut-wrenching, emotionally draining cleanse with a friend, there's really nothing you can't get through together.

1. You're physically, mentally and emotionally in this battle together

Deciding to go on a cleanse is no easy decision, no matter which way you look at it.

Sure, you really have no one else to blame for your agony, but sometimes, a cleanse is just what your body and soul need.

Food has become such a huge part of life, so giving yourself a reset is beyond cathartic, but it's not easy, which is exactly why having a friend by your side is so important.

2. You both understand low blood sugar is an excuse for any and all emotional outbursts

Do you get overly pissed off and cranky when you aren't fed?

Well, lucky for you, science confirms that being hangry is real, and it f*cking sucks.

3. You spend ample time together researching a new restaurant to celebrate the end of your cleanse

You may have only been on your cleanse for a few hours, but that doesn't mean you aren't browsing menu after menu with your diet buddy.

4. No one else actually understands what you're doing

People don't understand why the f*ck you would ever put yourself through such torture, but that's OK because you have a friend by your side who's doing the exact same thing.

People won't question you because clearly, what you're doing makes sense to someone.

5. You're probably doing it for the same reason

Vacation coming up? Memorial Day weekend quickly approaching?

You can bet the closer it is to bikini season, the quicker you can find someone to jump on a cleanse with you.

6. Nothing brings people together quite like complaining does

There really is no bond like the one created by a mutual hatred of something.

7. Your activities stop revolving around food

I can't be the only person whose day revolves around what her next meal is going to be.

By essentially eliminating food from your diet, you eliminate the need to plan your day around it. And as we all can most likely agree on — no plan is sometimes the best plan.

8. You learn how to have fun without alcohol with just each other

The day you agree to start a cleanse is the day you forgo alcohol. No alcohol?

What are you supposed to do for fun? I guess thats where the word "learn" comes into play.

9. You've both traded in your hobby of eating for shopping

Everyone knows the minute his or her body changes, the first thing to do is buy some new clothes to show it off.

So instead of browsing Seamless, you're now browsing Bloomingdale's.

10. #FoodPorn has an entirely new meaning for the both of you

You fantasize about what you wish you could be eating. Why anyone on a cleanse chooses to do this is beyond me, but sometimes we just can't help ourselves.

11. It eliminates any jealousy from the relationship

You are too busy focusing on making it through this cleanse to occupy your time with any other thoughts — especially negative ones.

12. You get to be smug together

The fact that you have a partner by your side whose attitude is basically a duplicate of your own is beyond empowering.

Sure, you may sound ridiculous, but at least you're not alone.

13. Your friend is literally the only person who gives a sh*t you're on a cleanse

People don't want to hear about you "starving" yourself because, honestly, they don't really understand what it is you're doing.

They can't figure why either of you would want to spend your time doing such an outlandish thing, which is why the only person you can complain to is your friend.

14. You keep each other on track

The fact that people don't want to hear about the struggles of your cleanse is the exact reason they aren't going to follow up with you to see how you're doing.

In fact, they probably want you to fail so they are proven correct. Good thing you have your friend by your side to keep you in check.

15. She understands your erratic bathroom habits

You don't even need to explain what the rumbling in your tummy means — she already knows.

16. You have someone to cheer on your small victories

While one friend tries to get you to break your cleanse, your other friend is commending you for avoiding those free cupcakes your office offered up during lunch.

17. Misery loves company, and your company is only getting more miserable

The longer you last on your cleanse, the more irritable you tend to be. Good thing your friend is just as pissed off as you are!

18. You have someone who knows you can do it, even when you don't think you can

You may not think you're going to survive, but your friend does — at least she's pretending to so you don't f*ck up both of your cleanses.

19. You'll be responsible for her demise

If succeeding on your own cleanse isn't enough motivation, the fact that if you give up, your friend will too is reason enough to keep on trucking.

Yeah, it sucks in the moment, but once it's over, you'll never feel prouder.

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