3 Types Of Friends That Continually Hurt Us But We Just Can't Let Go Of

by Melissa Mary

We all have a few people from our group of friends whom we have some choice words for at times. They continually hurt us or let us down, but for some reason, we keep letting them come back.

If this were a boyfriend, most people would have said adios a long time ago, but sometimes our best friends are more like family than our actual bloodline is.

Here are a few types of friends you have in your life whom you've probably thought about ditching at least once:

1. The One Who Always Chooses Him

No matter what, this friend will always choose her boyfriend over you. You’ll have plans set for weeks and at the very last minute, she’ll cancel them because something came up with him. She’ll bring him absolutely everywhere with her, even when you may think it’s a girls’ night.

Because of this, you’ll never fully develop a friendship with him. You'll always see him as a problem that you can't seem to get rid of. Even when you try to talk to her about it, the same arguments become exhausting and eventually you’ll give up on trying to change things.

Why you can’t let her go:

She’s been your best friend forever and she always will be. She’s your oldest friend and you know that deep down she’ll always be there for you when you need her.

There’s no sense fighting over this guy because whatever happens with them, you know you’ll be there whether it’s standing next to her at the alter or loading up on Ben & Jerry’s when things go south. Plus, she can never say anything if you ditch plans for some romance with your man!

2. The One Who Always Complains

When the phone rings and it’s that one friend who only calls to vent, you’ll most likely avoid answering. You know that the minute you pick up, she will be complaining about a guy she can’t stand or how her roommate is being a bitch.

It’s the same stories day after day, and you are getting too old for the petty drama. Sometimes she’ll call and start the conversation off like she’s interested in what you have to say, but there will always be an ulterior motive of her needing someone to listen to her.

I refer to these friends as drama instigators. She literally gets so bored with her own life that she has to make a big deal about any little thing that bothers her. You’re the lucky ear that gets to listen!

Why you can’t let her go:

This one’s simple: She’s always there to lend her ear -- she kind of has to be. So when you have something major going on and just need an intense vent sesh to blow off your steam, you know she’ll always answer the phone. Even if she only listens to your problems for 10 minutes before she’s moved on to hers, at least you got it out of your system, right?

3. The Constant Texter

This is the friend who will text you every single day. Whether it’s trying to make plans or just sending you a random emoji, she just loves the attention of talking to someone on a constant basis.

I am definitely not one for texting someone every day, so to me this friend is especially annoying. Sometimes you’ll feel that you are always telling her you’re busy, but she’s probably texting you three times in one day to see if you're free anyway. You almost want to flip out and tell her to leave you alone.

Why you can’t let her go:

You won’t flip out on her because you know that if you ever need a night out, she’ll be there to answer the invitation. Whether it’s a short coffee date or a drunk night out in the city, she’ll be around to help take your mind off of whatever you need to escape from.

Photo Courtesy: We Heart It