Friend-Zoned: 5 Signs Your Mom Has Finally Become Your Bestie

by Kelsey Lundstrom
Gossip Girl/Warner Bros. Television

High school: It's the pivotal years in a teenage girl's life, filled with change, when everything from her social life to her body starts to evolve.

Where did that hair come from?! Oh sh*t, I have boobs now? Maybe you started dating or dabbled in the party scene a little bit.

With all these newfound social opportunities, you probably had to convince (in some cases, beg) your parents to let you go to that booze-filled house party.

After a few rounds of arguing about how everyone else was going, your mom fired back with, "Well, I'm not everyone else's parent!"

This is arguably one of the most frustrating phrases to hear as a teenager, and it will likely be etched in our teenage brains forever.

There was usually a way around that "no" -- it just called for a little more creativity on your end to get out the door and to your real destination.

Butting heads with your mom during your teenage years seemed to be undeniable, though. Why? Well, for starters, you told her you were going to the movies, but went to a rager, instead.

She called; you dodged the call and figured you would talk (lie) your way out of it later.

It was so much easier when your mom would just let you stay out for the night. This meant you didn’t have to come home reeking of alcohol masked with perfume.

No matter the situation, navigating these challenging years seemed like a task you could handle on your own because, let’s face it: No one wants to listen to his or her mom’s advice at the ripe age of 17, when, seemingly, we know it all.

This rebellious attitude likely led to plenty of moments when you “hated” your mom for all those awful things she did to you.

But, after the high school hiccups subsided, you reach a certain age when you realize you may actually kind of like your mom.

And, dare I say, 20-something-year-old you enjoys hanging out with good ol’ Momma Bear.

Here are a few signs you’ve mended old wounds and shifted your mom from the enemy to friend zone (the good kind of friend zone).

You fully recognize and agree that moms. know. everything.

Always have, always will. Forget about divulging all those high school secrets because she already knows.

That time you lied and said you slept at your friend’s house, but really, you were out all night, tailgating the Wing Bowl? Yeah, she knows.

I don’t quite know the math behind the number of years that have to pass, but eventually, your mom will soften up to the high school stories. Maybe she'll even get in a dig or two.

Instead of dodging Mom's calls like you did back then, you’re the one calling her.

Whether it’s to chat after a sh*tty day at work or to tell her about your new love interest, your mom is always at the top of your To-Call list.

Side note: This is totally a double standard, but moms are NEVER allowed to be busy. If I text or call my mom and don’t get a near-immediate response, all hell will break loose.

No matter how many times we dodged their calls back then, moms are definitely not allowed to have plans or lives that will interfere with our after-work phone calls now.

You’ve uttered the phrase or thought to yourself, “I sound just like my mom.”

There have been plenty of moments in the past few years when I’ve caught myself doing or saying something that reminds me exactly of my mom, which is something I never thought would happen in a million years. Scary, right?

Your mom frequently tells you, “I hope you have daughters just like you.”

Okay, this is even scarier. The thought of daughters actin’ a fool like I did in high school? I can only hope they’ll be slightly less rebellious as I was.

But, it does make me appreciate my mom for sticking with me through those teenage years.

You find it cute when she can’t figure out how to work Instagram or upload a picture to Facebook.

High school me would have been annoyed AF if my mom asked me to help her load a picture to Facebook.

Nowadays, I find it mildly adorable that my mom takes a picture of a picture to load it to Instagram.

She’s still trying to zoom in, too... but we'll let that one slide for humor purposes.