France May Put A Ban On Models Who Are Too F*cking Skinny

Over the past several years, the fashion industry has been taking measures to ensure the continued health and safety of models, a group traditionally known -- and celebrated -- for their characteristically thin bodies.

The expectation that models be thin can obviously lead to unhealthy measures; eating disorders are often associated with super-thin models.

If an alleged bill passes, the French government will be the latest to put restrictions in place to end unhealthy practices among models.

According to Reuters, the French National Assembly is seeking to pass a law requiring all professional models to maintain a body mass index of 18 or higher, as anything under 18 is considered underweight.

If the law passes, models would be obligated to attend random periodic weighings.

Any company found hiring models under the proposed weight standard would be fined up to $79,300 dollars or ordered to spend up to six months in jail.

In addition, the new law would ban “pro-ana,” or pro-anorexia, websites and penalize anyone found promoting extreme thinness. The penalty for these charges include a $10,600 fine or a year-long jail sentence.

New York Magazine reports that the bill will be presented to the Assemblée nationale at the end of the month and will very likely pass.

Italy, Spain and Israel have all passed similar weight-regulation laws in the past.

If this bill does go through, prepare to see a lot of fresh new faces as some of your favorite models get the boot.

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