Unsurprisingly, Fox News Puts Together Some Pretty Sexist Advice For Working Women (Video)

Fox News likely had good intentions in mind when hosts of Monday's "Fox and Friends" invited Sylvia Ann Hewlett, author of the book "Executive Presence," onto the show. But her discussion of what women specifically should do to come off as career-oriented and successful just came off as sexist.

First off, while women do face unique challenges in the workplace, it's becoming counterintuitive to single out things that are "women-only."

In her segment, Hewlett advised that women stray away from flashy colors or distracting clothes, and suggested keeping a calm, un-raised voice while articulating a point. This seems all good and well, but shouldn't these nuggets of (obvious) advice for women similarly apply to men?

Hewlett and her accompanying Fox anchors really got offensive, however, when broaching the subject of how often women should speak up in the workplace (because is this really a point of concern for female professionals?).

Hewlett warned women against rambling or "[filling] the air with words." When asked by Doocy if that meant "don't talk too much," Hewlett responded with the very telling: "Exactly."

So, there you have it, women of the world. Hewlett would like you to believe that in order to be a successful career woman, you must blend in with your surroundings, adopt a bland monotone voice and speak up as little as possible.

This segment plays more like an example of what not to do.

H/T: Huffington Post