Behind Closed Doors: The 4 Types Of Closets Women Keep

A woman’s closet can very much reflect her personality, habits and life in general.

It seems our closets unconsciously represent who we are at our cores.

Women's closets go through many different stages throughout their lifetimes, but it's the “vanilla,” “I can’t find my pants,” “IDFWU" and “self-actualized” closets that tell a story.

Women may find a piece of themselves in every one of these closets, or they may fit perfectly into one.

1. The “Vanilla” Closet

The woman behind the “Vanilla” closet is extremely organized. In fact, she's almost too organized.

She is punctual, clean and possibly OCD. You can find her on Pinterest pinning her favorite cookies, cupcakes, wedding dresses, trinkets and future baby names.

Her closet has a memorabilia section from her sorority days, including formal dresses, crewneck Greek life shirts and her college ex-boyfriend's fraternity sweater.

She's always the maid of honor in her friend group because she is the only accountable one. Her go-to outfit is a chambray shirt, cream cardigan, tights and a pair of flats.

Favorite TV Show: "Nashville"

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Soy latte

Favorite Brands: Tory Burch, Kate Spade, Lilly Pulitzer and J. Crew

Favorite Meal: Chicken alfredo

Favorite Vacation Spot: Martha’s Vineyard

Favorite Wine: Riesling

2. The “I Can’t Find My Pants” Closet

The woman behind the “I can’t find my pants” closet is all over the place. She literally cannot find her pants because her closet threw everything up.

This causes her to be consistently late.

She suffers from insomnia due to her ADD of not knowing where her pants are.

You can find her excelling in highly creative areas like music, art, fashion or tech. When she isn’t being creative, she is probably feeding her shopping addiction.

She keeps things exciting in her friend group because she has no filter and is completely unpredictable.

Her go-to outfit is whatever she can find first. Usually, it’s not her pants.

Favorite TV Show: "2 Broke Girls"

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Salted caramel crunch

Favorite Brands: Diane Von Furstenberg, BCBG Max Azria, Marc Jacobs and Stella McCartney

Favorite Meal: Crunchy dragon sushi roll

Favorite Vacation Spot: Miami

Favorite Wine: Malbec

3. The “IDFWU” Closet

The woman behind the “IDFWU” closet is the queen of the resting bitch face. She doesn’t f*ck with anyone.

Her closet consists of black with a sprinkle of gray.

She is very short-tempered and doesn't put up with bullsh*t. In her spare time, you can find her hanging out with her cats and her loud, drummer boyfriend.

If you even make it into her friend group, you can count on her to tell you the blunt truth and keep all the fakes away.

Her go-to outfit is black on black on black with Chucks.

Favorite TV Show: "American Horror Story"

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Americano

Favorite Brands: Helmut Lang, Alexander Wang, Rag & Bone and Jeffrey Campbell

Favorite Meal: Chinese takeout

Favorite Vacation Spot: Portland

Favorite Wine: Cabernet

4. The “Self-Actualized” Closet

The woman behind the “self-actualized” closet is a boss lady. Her closet is basically a cross between Carrie Bradshaw’s closet and Cher’s closet from "Clueless."

Amenities include a cocktail bar, a Verismo coffee machine, a powder room, a massage chair, never-ending mirrors, departments for clothing, accessories, shoes and bags, an alarm system and a live-in stylist.

Everyone in her crew is extremely successful, with their own versions of “self-actualized” closets.

You can find her SoulCycling, juicing, red-carpeting, flying around the world in a G6 and mingling at the hottest fashion industry events.

Her go-to outfit is whatever her stylist picks out.

Favorite TV Show: "Empire"

Favorite Starbucks Drink: Oprah chai tea latte

Favorite Brands: Saint Laurent, Balmain, Hermes and Chanel

Favorite Meal: Caviar-stuffed lobster tails drizzled in a white wine beurre blanc

Favorite Vacation Spot: Dubai

Favorite Wine: Champagne