Forget The Small Talk: Three Rules For Women On The Prowl

by Lauren F.

So, you finally decide you're tired of going for the bad guy, and just when you catch your eye on someone hot, you find out he's gay. Or maybe you spend 10 minutes talking to someone and he later brings it to your attention that he's taken.

Or you start chatting it up and find out he lives with his parents. Hello, did it not occur to you to mention that right away?

Today's 20-something women need to invest more time in small talk while on the search for a man. And by small talk, I mean taking it to a whole other level. Be assertive and cut to the chase. It's hard to know for sure if someone is into you right away.

If you see someone you may have potential with, whether you’re just looking to get laid, or invest in someone serious then this is what you have to do. Ladies, use three simple questions to weed them out, and you'll either be leaving with the hottie or it'll be on to the next one.

1. Are You Single?

Anyone reading this has either cheated on their significant other or knows someone who has. You don't want to be known as the other woman. Just don’t go there, not a good look. Meeting single guys is actually harder than it seems.

When we go out with our friends to try and meet some potential men, we always tend to wait for them to buy our drinks and for them to start talking. Why can’t we just make the move? The sexiest thing a girl can wear is confidence. So, if you spot someone at your local bar, the first words out of your mouth should be: “Are you single?”

Expectations can lead to disappointment, so have an open mind. It’s obviously going to be a yes or a no, but let's just hope it's a yes.        

2. Are You Gay?

This seems like a straightforward question, but in reality it's hard to know for sure. One time I spotted this sexy guy at a party and we did the usual chit-chat and then made out.

A year later on my Facebook, I found out he has a boyfriend. All that kept ringing in my head was: "Oh my God, he’s gay? But we made out!” So just because you hit it off with someone, don’t assume he wants to get inside your pants. Ask the question.

3. Do You Work?

Realize you may come across as a gold digger, but money is money, and you need to keep an open mind about this. There comes a time, when we are in search of someone for the long run, that we need a sense of security. If one day you want to start a family, have a house, a car, etc., you need to find someone who can help support you.

We are in search of a man, not a boy. We want a man to have his own place, not live in his parents basement; to have his own car and pay his own phone bills.

Don't be afraid to show him you're bold, and break the ice first. I’ve tried these rules to small talk myself, and they've worked more times than not.

Instead of spending countless hours debating among friends whether or not to introduce yourself at the bar, be confident and take initiative. Men love a woman who goes after what she wants.

Top Photo Courtesy: We Heart It