8 Lazy Girl-Approved Moves Guaranteed To 'Get It Right, Get It Tight'

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There's no worse feeling than purchasing a special-occasion dress and being so excited to wear it, only to realize it fits horribly the day of the event.

During a late-night online shopping spree, buying an expensive bodycon dress identical to something Kate Hudson might wear is all well and good when sleep is making you hazy.

You're dreaming of wearing it to a wedding or even a ritzy date, imagining your butt will look better than Beyoncé's while grooving to "Uptown Funk" on the dance floor.

In the cold light of day, though, you're often left with a pending charge and the sad reality your mid-winter body is less "Drunk in Love" and more "Drunk in Love With Burritos and Pizza."

With a little advanced planning and diligence, however, you can tone up for any style dress. It's not about losing weight, but feeling confident to rock any fit and show off your best assets.

We met up with expert trainer Aimee O'Sullivan from Crunch Fitness New York's 23rd Street location for a little help on dynamic exercises to get red-carpet-worthy limbs while watching a "Real Housewives" marathon.

Grab a pair of weights and a water bottle, you've got a dress to wear -- and the clock is ticking.

To flash fierce arms in an A-line dress:

Celine Rahman


The sitch: Like Audrey Hepburn, you're playing the Old-Hollywood glamour girl in this flattering cinched waist and flared skirt.

The move: "21s" to flatter and tone your arms

How it's done: With arms bent and elbows tucked behind the body, lift weights halfway up and down again (like shown). If you really want to complete the move, lift the weights from the bent position and extend them fully overhead (not shown). Repeat the exercise all the way, doing each move seven times.

Want more?

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Try the "Tricep Wall Press," shown here by Aimee, if you're feeling extra dedicated.

Place your feet a few feet back from a wall and put your hands on the wall in a diamond shape. Push up and back down again until your arms burn, 10 times or so.

If you're only feeling the burn in your butt, you're not doing it right.

To get your butt right for a bodycon dress:

Celine Rahman


The sitch: You can't even fit your credit cards into this Spandex-y dress, let alone hide a case of pancake butt.

The move: "Glute bridges"

How it's done: Lean your back flat against a sturdy couch or chair for support, resting in a sitting position. Extend on leg out, parallel to the ground, and lift your hands above you. Drop down and push up through the heel to focus the tension on your booty. Then switch. Aim for three sets of 10 lifts on each leg.

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Use a heavier weight for a Kettlebell swing, keeping your legs softly bent and hinging at the waist.

Swing from your abs and use your glute and hip muscles to swing the weight forward before bringing it up for a brief stop straight in front of you.

Swing back down, and repeat. You should feel the burn all over.

To rock svelte, sleek and sexy-as-hell stems with a thigh-high slit gown:

Celine Rahman


The sitch: For a dangerously-high slit, you need gams like Angelina... and fast.

The move: Lunges 

How it's done: With weights in hand and abs flexed (to keep a flat back), step backward until your legs sit at a 90-degree angle. Move forward, pulling the knee up, then switch legs. Aim to do each set 10 times each for both legs.

Want more?

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Move on to the "Single Leg Romanian Dead Lift" with weights in both hands. Stand on one straight leg without locking out your knee, then tilt forward 10 times.

Balance on your other leg, then repeat, 10 more times for three sets. Be sure to keep your core tight and your back straight.

To fake a full chest for a low-cut sheath:

Celine Rahman


The sitch: This dress has a neckline so low you practically feel uncomfortable wearing tights.

The move: "Chest Press and Fly"

How it's done: Lying down, with weights in your hand, bring your elbows next to your body and your knees up. Press up, keeping a soft bend to the elbows, and out to your sides. When your arms come back together, squeeze your chest until you feel the burn.

To show off a toned and tight back in a backless shift:

Celine Rahman


The sitch: You would've never gotten into prom with this backless dress.

The move: "Renegade Rows and Presses"

How it's done: Use one weight for this move, which begins in plank position. Squeezing abs and being careful not to twist the hips, pull your arm behind you, like you're revving an engine.

Then roll the hand weight to the other side of your body and repeat. Be sure to keep your bottom tucked and spine neutral, and don't hyperextend your elbows.