App Shows Shoppers What Real People Look Like In Clothes They Want To Buy

Developing a sense of self-confidence and style is all about adapting trends to fit your wardrobe.

But, it's difficult to do when every store offers a different set of sizes and the fluorescent lighting in changing rooms makes hiding under the bed seem more appealing.

An app called Fitbay, currently available just for iOS, hopes to take the Photoshop out of fashion by allowing women (and men!) to see the clothes real people are wearing and how they're wearing them.

A first-time walkthrough of the service asks your weight, general body shape and age, among other questions, before connecting you with women who have similar silhouettes.

Unlike similar sites like MyBodyGallery, however, Fitbay also shows the size and brand of each item pictured.

Without photo editing or high-tech lighting, dozens of users post images of their favorite outfits and the sizes they favor.

Fitbay compares it to borrowing clothes from a best friend with a body practically identical to your own.

Naja Hertzum, Fitbay's Marketing Director, advocates the body-positive tool as a boost for self-image.

She said in an email, "This is truly the only place dedicated to pictures of REAL people wearing REAL clothes..."

"Fitbay has given me a much better understanding of my own figure."

Certainly, a bold trend you may have been too afraid to try becomes more doable after seeing someone with a similar figure wearing it.

Like a digital best friend, Fitbay will help you find what works for your body.