10 Women Reveal The Stories Of The First Time They Ever Orgasmed


Oh, the wonderful world of orgasms. Is there anything more exciting or terrifying than your first orgasm?

I have always been a sexual creature. I’ve been getting myself off since the age of six. I know I am not alone in this, despite what the patriarchy would LIKE you to believe.

Women are sexual beings, and once we figure out how to trigger our lady buttons -- in the immortal words of Luther Vandross -- “there ain’t no stopping us nooooow!”

Now, I’m not sure if old Luther was referring to the female orgasm, but I digress.

We all have the “first time” story. And I’m not talking loss-of-virginity stories, because F*CK that. I’m talking about the first, marvelous, magical time we stepped into the realm of sexuality and experienced the big O.

Whether it was on our own (likely, because come on) or with a partner, we all recall our first orgasm with nostalgic fondness.

Here are ten real women’s stories about the very first time they had an orgasm:

1. Sometimes you don’t know what you've got 'til you've got it.

- June, 24.

2. Forget the advice and get down.

- Cary, 22.

3. Once you start, there ain’t no stopping.

- Lea, 21.

4. Where there is a will, there is a way… and an Italian.

- Kate, 26.

5. Well, the first time really can be the charm.

- Blake, 27.

6. It’s not your bladder that is about to explode, girl.

- Ashley, 23.

7. Orgasms for the win though, AMIRIGHT?!!

- Sarah, 24.

8. Getting to the party late is better than not getting there at all!

- Diane, 25.

9. When you get there, you know.

- Lana, 26.

10. Straight d*ck-matized.

- Natalie, 23.