What The First Thing You Do When You Get Home From Work Says About You

by Ashley Fern

There's nothing like the feeling of finally being reunited with your apartment after a long, hard day at work. You made it through yet another eight miserable hours, so you deserve to relax in whatever way you see fit.

But as everyone knows, we are all different, so what we do upon arrival will be just as such.

Your routine likely varies from day to day, but the one thing that is pretty consistent is what you do the moment you step through the door. So what do your post-work activities say about you?

1. If you take off your bra and/or pants immediately

This only means one thing: You are my best friend. Just kidding (sort of). After being restrained and suffocated all day, there's only one thing you want when you get home: FREEDOM.

You hate feeling restricted, especially in whatever God-awful outfit you are forced to put on to go into your office on a daily basis. You actually can't relax until you are dressed from head to toe in your sweats and mesh apparel. Comfort is crucial to your life, and it's only then that you can proceed with your evening.

2. If your go-to is turning on your AC

You don't occasionally sweat, you constantly sweat. It doesn't matter if it's in the 40s; you need your AC and you need it immediately. Unfortunately, rent is too expensive, so you don't want your utility bill to increase any more than it needs to.

This ensures that you come home to a stuffy apartment, which is why you need to turn the AC on right when you get home.

You don't have patience for anything, at least that is until your AC is on full blast. Only then can you even begin to think of what to cook for dinner.

3. Must Eat

Chances are you barely had a break from your busy day to actually enjoy lunch, which is why your ravenous self heads straight to the kitchen the second you walk through the door. You're so hungry you don't even put on your eating pants or sit down, you just start eating anything you can get your hands on.

Once you start snacking, you won't stop until you have either eaten everything in your refrigerator or have put yourself in yet another food coma.

4. Exercise is the move

You have to get your work frustrations out somewhere, so why not take the healthy route and hit the gym? You are dedicated, motivated and have a strong affinity for routine.

Nothing can stop you from your daily dose of exercise except maybe the rain or a hangover. And even then, it still isn't likely.

There is also a pretty solid chance you may not even stop home before you hit the gym. Rather you bring your gear with you to work so you can head straight there.

5. Do more work, yuck

Falling behind at work is your biggest nightmare. Just because you have left the office for the day doesn't mean you've mentally checked out.

There is always something you could be doing, which is why your after work activity is just more work. Some may call you anal retentive, you just think of yourself as a hard worker.

Just remember: all work and no play makes for a very dull person.

6. Indulge in your favorite vices

You are stressed, and before you can even think of getting comfortable either the bowl needs to be in your hand or a glass of wine needs to be poured.

You wouldn't even think of eating before taking part in one or both of these behaviors because your food just won't taste as good — obviously.

And what else are you supposed to do while you watch Netflix? Surely, your ADD needs to be curbed with one method or the other. Hey! Why not both?

7.  Curl up in bed with Netflix

The only types of people you can even think of dealing with right now are safely behind a screen. You are dead tired from yet another day at the office, so relaxing horizontally while watching your favorites shows is the best way for you to unwind.

It's much more fun to watch other people's problems unfold before you than it is to deal with your own, even if they are fictitious.

Photo Courtesy: Tumblr