15 Hungover Snapchats That Perfectly Describe The Drunk Life You Lead

by Ashley Fern

What is the best way to get through your ever so terrible hangover? By sending ridiculous Snapchats, of course! I mean, how else are your friends supposed to feel your pain?

This is the only way we can overly complain without seeming like we really need attention.

Sure, there may still be pizza crumbs in your bed, maybe even a stranger... but it all makes for a good story, right? Well, at least that's what you'll keep telling yourself and anyone else who asks.

So what does a hungover day look like via Snapchat? Well...

1. Water is your only savior

Never. Been. So. Dehydrated.

Is there anything better than a full bottle of water when you're hungover ? Your mouth tastes like shame and cigarettes, which is why you always, ALWAYS, go to bed with a water bottle by your side.

2. RIP to your bank account

You may have already had negative dollars in your bank account when you went out, but that didn't stop you from buying everyone around you endless amounts of tequila shots.

Sure, you may think there was no issue doing this, that is until you check your nonexistent bank account in the morning.

3. The sun is your worst enemy

Is there anything worse than the sun assaulting your eyes when you wake up with a pounding hangover?

The place you want to be in this state is in the black hole that is your bedroom with no signs of leaving for hours.

4. You woke up like this...

Beverages are your best friend when you wake up with a pounding hangover.

You never really feel as parched as you do after a night of heavy drinking, which is why it's crucial to always have apple juice nearby.

5. Lost your phone, wallet and dignity?

I'm not even sure who sent me this over the weekend, but it was damn hilarious to wake up to. I guess this is the only way to recover from spending money you didn't have at the bar?

6. "Never drinking again":

How many times do we find ourselves uttering these three small words? Unfortunately, we never learn our lessons and continue to find ourselves in this sh*tty situation, over and over again.

7. "Netflix is the only one who understands me":

Who else is going to console your hungover self? The thought of being around actual people is exhausting enough, so the cast of "Grey's Anatomy" will just have to suffice.

8. "Why do I always do this?"

Because alcohol, of course! Every week you have this same conversation with yourself: "I won't order late night."

But no matter how many times you repeat this mantra to yourself, you never can seem to steer clear of Domino's.

9. "I've thrown up three times in the past 10 minutes":

You know you went a little too hard if you find yourself hovering over the toilet the next day. I guess that's just what happens when you mix tequila, vodka, fireball and beer.

Just chalk this up to another lesson you've learned the hard way.

10. "But no, really, I'm never drinking again..."

Blacking out: your best friend and your worst enemy.

Hopefully, there wasn't anyone around to witness whatever ridiculous sh*t you and your friends got into or at least pray that they are blacked out as well.

11. "Uh, do I know you?"

Does anything say Sunday morning quite like having a stranger wake up in your bed? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us... at least we hope it does.

12. "Can I get away with this eye makeup for another day?"

Just wipe away whatever eyeliner has migrated south of your eyes and you should be good to go for another day. Makeup is expensive, so why waste it if you don't really have to?

13. "How much late night food is enough?"

...The limit does not exist. Bring on the candy and bring on the chocolate.

14. "Where did this come from?"

I'm pretty sure a food hangover is worse than an actual hangover. It's far too easy to find yourself in a food coma when Seamless has over 100 options.

But then again, doesn't this seem to just go hand-in-hand with your regular hangover?

15. This basically just sums up how you feel during a hangover:

Why you? Because you are a drunk who makes bad decisions, like ordering six shots of Fireball at one time. Oh well, hope you had fun while it lasted!