21 Fights You Have With Your BFF That Will Always Bring You Closer

by Ashley Fern

Calling someone your "best friend" is not something everyone can do. But despite it being an amazing thing most of the time, sometimes it can really suck.

You and your BFF care deeply about each other, which is why when she's acting in a self-destructive manner, it's your job to speak up and help her.

The trouble with help is that it's not always wanted, even when necessary -- aka a fight erupts.

But as awkward and emotional as these fights may be, they are vital for reinforcing our bonds and making the friendship stronger than ever.

I mean what's the point of having such a close person in your life if you can't trust her to look out for what's best for you?

Sure, once the argument has subsided, and the dust has settled, you will appreciate the fact your friend spoke up, but in that moment, her advice was the last thing you wanted to hear.

So what are some of the fights all best friends have that inevitably draw them closer?

1. The "Get your sh*t together" Fight

Sometimes your best friend starts to lose touch with the priorities in her life, which is why she needs you to step in.

Sure she may not realize she needs help, but that's the exact reason she needs it.

2. The "I called dibs first" Fight

Whether it's over a man, a dress or a pair of shoes — all friends are more than accustomed to this kind of argument.

It's basically an unwritten rule that whoever calls dibs, gets it -- unless a formal request is entered, and even then it's up in the air.

3. The "I'm drunk, and you're a bitch" Fight

Alcohol is the fire that fuels the most ridiculous of fights. It's also the elixir that turns any sane person into a raging bitch. Oh well — blame it on the alcohol.

4. The "Your eating habits are f*cked up" Fight

Every female has wrestled with extreme eating habits, whether it's overindulging or not eating enough.

The key here is to remember your friend is just looking out for you and your health.

5. The "Do you like her better than me" Fight

The awkward moment when you introduce your best friend to another one of your friends, and they start hanging out more than the two of you...

6. The "You only hang out with your significant other" Fight

Balancing a close friendship and a relationship is pretty damn hard to do. There's only so much free time you have in a week, day and even month.

7. The "Stop playing the victim card" Fight

Is there anything more infuriating than an adult who can't take responsibility for her actions? There's only so much patience you can offer before it causing you to break down.

8. The "You need a reality check" Fight

It's easy to get lost in a world of delusions because it's much easier than facing the harsh reality of the world.

9. The "He's just not that into you" Fight

The even-more-awkward moment: When your best friend can't pick up on obvious hints, and you have to flat out tell her the guy she likes just doesn't like her back.

Don't feel too bad about this; I'm sure the reverse situation will happen to you sometime in the future.

10. The "You did not just say that" Fight

Uh, what? Did you just throw that incident from 2005 we swore we would never speak of again in my face again?

11. The "You can make your own decisions" Fight

Learning to make decisions is literally what separates adults from children. There comes a point in a girl's life when she has to stop questioning everything and just pull the trigger.

12. The "Just because I have a BF doesn't mean we're not BFF" Fight

Sometimes jealousy gets displaced — this is especially true when only one of you has an SO and the other does not.

13. The "You're wasted and don't need another drink" Fight

Instead of fighting about this, you should be thanking one another.

14. The "Your boyfriend is right, you're acting crazy" Fight

There is no quicker way to get in a fight with your best friend than by taking her boyfriend's side over hers. Unfortunately, that just happens from time to time.

15. The "Chill the f*ck out" Fight

Sometimes we get a little testy and stressed out, and it's up to our best friends to bring us the f*ck back down to earth.

16. The "Your relationship is toxic" Fight

Well, this is never a fun argument (are any arguments fun?). You love your best friend, and it breaks your heart to see her with someone beneath her.

You know she's going to take her anger out on you, but you just have to bite the bullet and pray she listens.

17. The "You owe me money, and it's becoming a problem" Fight

Money is never an easy subject, especially amongst friends, so it's always awkward when you have to remind your girl she owes you some hefty cash.

18. The "Those jeans are not right" Fight

Don't ask if something looks good or not if you don't want to hear the honest answer. I mean, isn't that what friends are for?

19. The "You're not making any effort" Fight

Friendships are a two-way street; unfortunately, every party does not always play equally.

20. The "Attention" Fight

Hitting a bar with your PIC is always a fun time, until a guy starts talking to one of you, leaving the other girl to fend for herself.

21. The "You're unhappy and I'm worried" Fight

Too many people are wrapped up in their own problems and don't care about the struggles others are going through.

When you have a best friend, this is far from the case. Your best friend, at times, knows you better than you know yourself, so appreciate her concern when she's looking out for your mental health.

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