Weekend Outfits: January 25th

The continuance of frigid temperatures is enough to make all of us want to hide in the confines of our bedrooms under piles of blankets and wearing nothing but non-stylish sweatpants from high school.

Maybe that’s just me, but, as they say, the show must go on. There isn’t much planned for this weekend, but I’ll use a dinner planned for Friday night as a means of testing out one of Spring’s upcoming and biggest trends: contrasting negative colors.

Creating space with black and white is going to be huge for spring, so this black and white (well, kind of white) wrap blouse is a great transition piece. Paired with black trousers, and a classic bag/shoes combo, you could do no wrong.

For a more laid back, daytime option, let’s not ignore the temperatures and dress appropriately. This shearling jacket paired with a faux fur scarf would serve your upper body well, while the oxblood skinny jeans and lita booties add a trendy element to your winter outfit.

What are you wearing this weekend?

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