Top 10 Trends For Spring 2013


With Spring coming into full bloom it's hard to tell which clothes you should stop wearing in your closet and which ones you should start bringing out. Luckily, we've put together a visual guideline for you to make sure you take the right steps.x


Adding a pop of color to your wardrobe will go a long way. My go-to accent pieces for the spring are a bright clutch, a pair of pumps or skinny belt. They are classic and can be worn for the office and happy hour.

Bold Stripes:

Stripes remind us of the nautical: ships, sailors and fleet week. Add this statement to your wardrobe by wearing a striped blazer or harem pants and you're ready to sail away with a hot marine.

Vintage Shades:

Cat eye frames bring instant fierceness to any woman's face. Protect your eyes (and under-bags) with some vintage shades to add mystique and flair to any outfit.

Color Pants:

Bright pants (long and short) are usually a no-no in my book, but lucky for us we get a pass this season because it's all about adding color to your legs. Style them up with some pumps and a blazer and you're spring ready.

Bright lip:

It's all about the pout. Try a natural makeup and add a super bright lip for a young and playful look this coming season.

Minimalistic sandals:

Thank you Rihanna and Manolo Blahnik for making sensible open toe sandals hip again. These strappy sandals go with any outfit ever imagined (even sweat pants) and they are super sexy, not to mention they are much more comfortable than my 7in Louboutins.

Leather Jackets:

Who said you have to decide between being bad or good? Add edge to your good girl image by wearing a leather jacket over your pink flare skirt.

Tomboy Chic:

Fashion is all about mix, matching and breaking the rules. Don’t leave your tomboy behind this season, you can be as fashionable in boyfriend jeans and heels as you can in pumps and skirts.

Pencil Skirts:

The pencil skirt will never go out of style, and if you stick to them, neither will you. Show your fashion sense at the office with patterned (or solid) colorful skirts. They are elegant but curve hugging enough to still be sexy and feminine.


Oversized sweaters and tops hanging off the shoulder is something so simple and soft. These are great for a low key dinner or to grab Sunday brunch with your beau.

Isamar Avery| Elite.