Timeless Leather Skirts

However you wear them, whether it’s in a classic black pencil shape or sexy mini, leather skirts are a timeless must-have item for stylish women everywhere.

From the very curvy bombshell Kim Kardashian to petite style icon Victoria Beckham, they embrace all body types.

It’s a piece that is incredibly versatile. In other words, it’s an “investment piece” which will offer you endless possibilities; one that you will cherish and pass on the next generation with the peace of mind that it will still be “in style.”

This effortlessly chic piece will definitely add an edge and fierceness to your wardrobe. Though leather skirts are easy to pick, it can be hard at times to know what exactly to wear with them (or “how to rock them properly”). You can go bare legs or add a pair of pantyhose underneath.

However, we would opt for the bare legs option as it brings a little bit more edge and sexiness to most leather skirts looks. You can pair them with a crew neck, v-neck or vintage shirt, a long or short sleeve top, a lace top, a tube-top (nice corset), a blouse or even a sweater.

Looking and feeling great in a leather skirt can be “sans forcer.” In fact you can wear a nice fitted tank top with your skirt and still look very elegant. You can rock flats or even sneakers (a nice pair of “all black” All-stars for example) and look “street chic.” A great pair of heels with your leather skirt is always a “Hit.”

You cannot go wrong with a classic black leather skirt, however remember that they come in all colors, shapes and sizes so dare to switch your style and, “Leather your fashion cravings!”

Gwen Madiba | Elite.

Twitter: @gwenmadiba