It’s All About The Statement Sunglasses

Spring is quickly approaching (even though we have a snowstorm coming our way this week. Like what is that?), so it’s time to start paying attention to what certain spring trends will entail.

One of my favorite upcoming spring trends: the statement sunglass. I’ve never been a subtle sunglass wearer. I love an oversized cat eye lens, so I was excited to hear that a statement lens would be on trend for the warmer months.

In my opinion, sunglasses are your best accessory. Everyone looks better with an oversized pair of sunglasses on; the epitome of chic is bottled up into such a small accessory.

The Swedish eyewear designer AnnaKarin Karlsson particularly grabbed our attention this spring with her floral details, leopard patterns and kitten ears. Obviously the glasses have already been picked up by Rihanna and Lady Gaga, so we suggest you do too. We’re loving the models ”Alice goes to Cannes”, ”Trouble comes to Town” and ”Coco and the Row”.

This spring, opt for bold colors, stripes, and jewels on the outer corners of your lenses. I promise, your style will thank me.

For more info on Annakarin Karlsson check out her website.

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images