Spring 2013 Trends

Yesterday, New York Fashion Week ended. I’m sure the fashion obsessed are just as upset about this as I am, but now we have the Spring designs to look forward to. One of the most fascinating aspects of fashion is how all designers follow certain trends, but manages to make them their own.

I know, I know. Fall literally just started. You probably haven’t even finished your Fall fashion staple shopping and designers are already telling you what you should be looking forward to more than six months from now. Isn’t fashion exhausting?

Nevertheless, this week dozens of designers debuted their Ready-To-Wear collections and I have to say, I was blown away. Here are the Spring 2013 trends you should expect to see in stores, coming soon:

Motorcycle Jackets (Edge)

If you don’t already own a boxy, structured, Moto inspired jacket, I suggest you go out and get one. Almost every designer has a jacket of this sort and they added a sophisticated edge to feminine ensembles.

Monaco Blue/Red/ Black and White

Without a doubt, the most prominent color scheme throughout all runway shows was Black and White. This is a big change from this past Spring and Summer’s outrageous colors and I have to say it’s a breath of fresh air. However; pops of color were present in the form of Monaco Blue and Red. Mark my words; the color for this upcoming Spring season will be Monaco Blue.


Op-Art, or optical art, is a style of pattern that creates optical illusions. Op-Art inspired dresses were all over the fashion week tents, mainly in Black and White patterns.

Cropped Tops, Bralettes

Start working out now ladies, one of the biggest Spring trends will be cropped tops and bralettes. Exposed midriffs were dominant in shows, such as Jason Wu. As someone who typically frowns upon exposed midriffs, I have to admit that these were tastefully done and may be a trend I consider, but please ladies, don’t get carried away.

Sheer Fabrics

Sheer fabrics and layers were present on almost every single runway this season. It was absolutely beautiful. Organza and very sheer fabrics will be sure to make their way into my closet.


Isn’t it such a relief when a trend carries over? You have already mastered color blocking this past Spring season, so this upcoming one, I expect all of you well dressed ladies to be color blocking professionals.

Floral Patterns

Again, with a repeating trend, carrying over from the previous season. Is there anything more lady like than a subtle floral pattern? I was completely drawn to Rebecca Minkoff’s faded floral patterned jeans.

Keep checking Elite Daily over the upcoming months to complete your Fall wardobe and get updates on more Spring trends not listed in this article!

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images