Spotlight: Headbands


Continuing on with our Gossip Girl inspired week here at the women’s section of Elite Daily, let’s put the spotlight on one of my favorite Gossip Girl inspired trends: the bow headband.

Blair Waldorf was notorious during the first and second seasons for always sporting an elaborate headband of some sort. A bow accent was her go-to and I fell in love with the idea. How simple is it to throw on a headband to dress up a simple outfit? Especially if you prefer preppier styles, like myself.

Blair retired the headbands after the third season, but I was more than enthused to see Louis Vuitton bringing back the bow headbands during their Spring/Summer 2013 presentation. Are you all as excited as I am?!

Headbands don’t necessarily have to have bows on them a la Blair Waldorf, there’s a wide range of headbands out there. Here are a few of my favorites:

(From left to right: Headband 1, Headband 2, Headband 3)

Would you ever wear these headbands?

Ally | Elite.

Photo Credit: Getty Images