Splurge vs. Save: Riding & Motorcycle Boots


Yesterday, my friend Nicole, who is currently looking for the ‘perfect pair of fall boots’, asked me if I had written such an article. I hadn’t, so I decided to focus this week’s splurge vs. save on casual daytime boots perfect for fall weather. More particularly, riding and motorcycle boots.

I own both types of boots (in several colors) because they’re truly the most versatile fall footwear. You can wear boots in good or bad weather for a multitude of occasions. Not only do they look appropriate for a variety of activities, they’re completely easy to wear. Just slip them on and your outfit is instantly put together. Who doesn’t appreciate versatility and ease?


(Tory Burch, Cole Haan)

(Alexander Wang, Burberry)

For my ‘splurge’ options I chose a select few, seeing as it's much easier to find boots to splurge on than it is to find an affordable pair.


(Frye, Steve Madden, BDG, BDG)

(Frye, Steve Madden, Frye)

A good pair of boots is going to cost you. When shopping for boots you have to be sure that you’re purchasing boots made with durable materials. I would suggest these options.

The Frye boots may not seem like much of a 'save' but in reality, for how well they're made with the products that are used during the manufacturing process, they are an incredible deal. You cannot find a better boot brand than Frye.

How do you feel about these boots? Are there any other kinds of boots you’re interested in?

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Photo Credit: Getty Images